It was very foggy first thing, but we went to Cambridge as my husband had an afternoon appointment at Addenbrookes Hospital. We went shopping in town and I bought a new coat. I wanted a purple one, but bought the black one as the purple one was only available online and not in my size.

I also wanted some white felt and some other odds and ends and looked in John Lewis. I could not find what I wanted and there was only one person serving in the whole of the haberdashery department; she was busy with someone else and could not even tell me where to find it, except that they had it in rolls, by the metre; I wanted one small square! Then I went up another floor to get a mouse; they had three all brightly patterned and not what I wanted. Sometimes I wonder why I go in that shop any more, especially as they will no longer serve tea or coffee in the restaurant side, without buying a meal and send us to the self-service side. Looks like it will be Amazon again although online shopping is causing many smaller shops to close, those like John Lewis will survive.

We had an early lunch in Harriett’s Tea Rooms before taking a few pictures; it was dull, drab and cold, so today’s picture is of some bicycles; there are plenty in Cambridge. We went to Addenbrookes, first to one clinic and then to another before coming home; at least the fog had lifted and it was still just daylight when we got home.

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