Cold and windy today with lots of dark clouds. I took today’s picture when I walked to the postbox to post a birthday card. These Snowdrops were planted, along with a few daffodil bulbs at the edge of the railway station car park. That was before all of the work stopped. Not sure what happened to the café that was going to be provided on the Eastern side of the railway line or the gardens. All of the Lavenders have died and all that is left in the areas on the Eastern side of the railway line are two areas full of rubbish and dead branches. I think the five small trees are still alive, although it is difficult to tell from the path. The volunteers used to visit quite regularly on Saturdays and then they were gone, no explanation as to why the work stopped.

I spent the morning working, catching up on some Open University work and adding to my family tree; in the afternoon caught up with some reading.

Reeves Muntjac – Mother and Fawn


It was cold and dry when I walked with my husband to the surgery for his monthly blood tests, but almost as soon as we got home it started to rain; later the sun came out, but only briefly. As I posted this picture in the late afternoon we had a hail storm.

I took today’s picture early this morning just as it was getting light. I saw them through the conservatory window, quite close to the house, but before I had grabbed a camera they had moved over to our boundary, making them more difficult to photograph. Shortly after this picture was taken they walked along the boundary, you can see the fence in the background; the only two shots I managed to get of them after this one, as they left the garden were too blurry as they decided to run.

Dark Pink Hellebores


Today it is dull and very cold. It is also windy, but not as windy as when Storm Doris arrived a few days ago. However, it is not a day for working outside although I did venture outside to take this picture of one of our dark pink Hellebores. There are also some pale pink ones in bloom, but the white ones seem to have disappeared; eaten perhaps?

It is a day for staying indoors and knitting, pictured below are hats five and six, knitted for charity and which are ready to be posted to the BigHeartsSquareGroup.


Silver Lining


My husband had an appointment at our GP Surgery, with the nurse this morning so they could check his wound; I went with him. The stitches are still in the wound, they are absorbable, but it is looking good and can be seen here if you want to look.

We suffered very little damage from Storm Doris, some felt had blown off the shed roof, some flowerpots had blown around and some garden furniture had blown over. However the roads were grid locked by overturned lorries and trees down; the trains were not running so Victoria could not get home from college. Her father picked her up from her college on the Addenbrookes Hospital site as well as some of her friends who were also stranded; it then took four hours to do less than twenty miles! Oliver was also on his way home from college in Cambridge, he goes one day a week, he was stuck on the M11 for quite a while, he was almost at junction nine, which had been open and then closed again. They were all home by 2100 hours.

Although I took a lot of Spring flower pictures today I chose this one as it is a complete contrast to yesterday’s weather. There is also some mistletoe growing in the tree in the centre, I saw it last year and was not sure whether it was mistletoe or a bird’s nest.


It has been sunny, but very windy, due to Storm Doris no doubt. Both cats, hate the wind but still ventured outside; one of them even checked the weather at both doors. I think they were confused by the sunshine coming in through the windows.

Storm Doris is not as bad here as it is in some places, so far, some garden furniture has blown over and the felt on my garden shed has disappeared. There have been some accidents on the M11, which means the traffic is diverted through our village where there are also traffic problems due to trees being blown down.

It is not a day to be outside so today’s pictures are hat number four. I have also knitted two ponchos since hat number three; the larger one is pictured.