It Looks A Long Way Down


A working morning followed by an afternoon of sorting out various things. Our granddaughter Victoria visited today as she is on half-term holiday from college.

I went outside at lunchtime and discovered that both Dougal and Florence were sitting together on the edge of the balcony. A good blip picture, I thought, of them together. Dougal is not very proficient at getting on to the balcony, so an opportunity not to be missed. By the time I had rushed indoors, grabbed a camera and got out again, Florence had moved away from Dougal, as you can see by the photograph. Dougal has remained on the right hand edge, just off of the balcony where it is nice and flat. Floence often walks along the top rail and sometimes in the guttering. I always have visions of a little broken bundle of fur in the garden; hopefully she will not fall, or jump the wrong way when getting down.

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