Addenbrookes Today


The pciture on the left shows my lunch, eaten at 0930 hours this morning; well it seemed like lunchtime. We were at Addenbrookes Hospital this morning just after 0600 hours for my husband’s surgery on his spine at C4/5/6. He was supposed to be second on the theatre list, but then somewhere along the line they changed the list so that he was first and came to the ward to collect him; he was not ready, having not had a cannula inserted, his special stockings fitted or his blood pressure taken! He went to theatre at 0845 hours and was back in the ward at 1400 hours. Just after that he was eating a roast beef sandwich and drinking coffee, which was not up to the standard that he has at home, but welcome all the same. The picture on the right is my husband waiting to go to theatre.


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