My Husband


This morning I went into Cambridge and walked over to the Beehive Centre to visit Hobbycraft; I wish I had not bothered! They did not have anything that I wanted; John Lewis did not have anything the other day either. I do know that Amazon has the lace and cottons that I need, so Amazon it will be. Although these are big companies, even they are not competing with the Internet.

Then this afternoon I visited my husband. The doctors and one of the surgeons involved in the operation said he might be able to go home tomorrow or Friday. Why when the doctors say he is not ready to go do the nursing staff keep badgering him to go home? Twice while I was there they suggested he go home this afternoon. I know they need the beds, but sending patients home too soon and in this case shaking his head and neck about on the journey home, undoes the work that has been done by the surgeons. His pain is not under control and they are giving him only paracetamol, which is generally given for mild to moderate pain.

Today’s picture shows him sitting on the side of the bed on ward A5; later this evening he will be moved to another ‘Neuro’ ward for those who do not need quite so much attention.

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