A morning of catching up with work, emails and various jobs, which have been neglected for a few days.

I also walked to our GP surgery to hand in my husband’s letter and to make an appointment for the nurse to “access his wound”. Addenbrookes were quite specific that it had to be done on Thursday 23 February. The surgery has no appointments available with the nurse or anyone else on that day; it cannot be looked at until 24 February. Addenbrookes said before he left yesterday that if there were problems to go directly to A and E and not bother with the GP.

Quite early this morning I was looking out of the kitchen window when I noticed an unusual movement at the bottom of one of our shrubs, just outside the kitchen window. The shrub has some bird feeders hanging from it. I grabbed my camera and took three pictures; as it heard the camera click it flew away. It is not a very good picture, no time to focus properly and taken through the window, but it is the first time I have seen a Sparrow Hawk in the garden. I often see them and some Buzzards flying over the marsh. I am assuming that it was looking for dropped bird food, which makes me think there is not much small wildlife about. However, Dougal, let out for the first time since my husband went into hospital, caught a mouse. He let it go while he came in for his Dreamies treats and then went out and caught it again. This time he killed it before coming in for more treats.

It is a dry day and does not feel as cold as it has been.

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