The Squirrel and The Crow

Squirrel and Crow

A lovely sunny day, but I have spent most of it working as I wanted to get everything finished this week. Tomorrow I am at Milton Keynes all day at a Staff Development Training Day when means catching the 0643 hours train to London, before travelling across London and then out to Milton Keynes.

Today’s picture is of a Squirrel and a Crow. The Squirrel came down from its nut box and chased the Crow away; it was getting too close to his nut box.

My Husband and the Ice Cream


This morning we went into Bishop’s Stortford so that I could post my nomination form to stand as a Governor for Addenbrookes at the main Post Office. Our Post Office is in our village shop and is unreliable and we have had post disappear or delivered ten days after we have posted it.

If you want to vote for me you need to be a member of the Addenbrookes Trust, you can join here

We had breakfast in Café Thyme and then after posting my forms we got some shopping. It was such a lovely day that we decided to have lunch while we were out and then a walk in the Castle Gardens.

The ice cream van was nearby so we had an ice cream, an unusual occurrence for us; we sat on a bench to eat them. Shortly after today’s picture was taken, a toddler, walking past with his mother, had a tantrum and threw his ice cream at my husband; he aimed well, the ice cream landed on my husband’s knees!


Ginger CatToday’s picture is of “Ginger” who appears to have taken up residence on our far boundary. It is a large cat, but does not appear to have a collar and seems to be here quite often. Dougal and Florence are not impressed, but it does not come near them or the house. As long as it earns its keep by catching rodents, then it can stay here as long as it likes.

I have spent much of the day writing my 250-word statement ready for the ballot papers for election of Governors at Addenbrookes Hospital. I will post them tomorrow after I have read them just once more.

I did meet a friend for lunch; we worked together for a long time. We met in the usual pub for a pensioner’s lunch. The pub was recently taken over and we were pleasantly surprised by the increased size in portions. Fortunately one of the items on the special lunch was gluten-free.

I have not had any painkillers today although this evening my wrist is aching slightly; it is also itching, a sign that it is healing.

It was bright and sunny this morning, but has been overcast for the rest of the day.


MagpieThanks for all your good wishes on yesterday’s blip, for a speedy recovery. Surprisingly I slept quite well waking up only once. It was an Addenbrookes hospital day today, one of the long ones in clinic fourteen. We went first thing on the train and then got the guided bus to Addenbrookes. It takes about four minutes from the railway station to Addenbrookes on the guided bus and with the current road works, can take anything up to thirty minutes or more using a conventional bus. We got home at almost 1900 hours.

I took several pictures before I went out, including this Magpie, as I did not think I would have time when I got home. It was foggy first thing, but turned out to be a lovely sunny day.



I spent the morning marking student’s scripts. Then at lunchtime I caught the train to go to Shelford Station, which is very near to Cambridge Clear Beauty. It is where Mr Tariq Ahmad, then surgically removed the ganglion on my left wrist. I came home with my daughter so that worked out well. I have to keep my arm elevated and sleep with it raised, so typing with one hand cannot be done very quickly.

Today’s picture, taken by my husband, obviously, is of my bandaged hand, which has a large dressing on it, which must remain for a few days.

It has been sunny and warm all day.

Mothering Sunday Gifts


I did a little marking this morning, but our daughter and son-in-law visited bringing Mothering Sunday gifts. After lunch I watched the Formula One highlights, but did little else all day.

The bag at the back contained several items including some special soap, one lemon and one lime with a small frog on it; much too nice to use. It also contains four face masks, woolly socks, some coasters with owls on them and a lovely purple tin to keep things in.

The sun has been shinning all day and it has been pleasantly warm.