Flying Pheasant


As rain was forecast today I decided that I would defrost the fridge and the freezer. All went well with defrosting the fridge until I bent back the nail on my left-hand. As I have had acrylic on my nails for a while they are very soft, so they bent easily. Unfortunately it was hard enough to make a gash in my thumb. First aid was rendered by my husband, but I decided to finish defrosting the fridge and leave the freezer for tomorrow.

After lunch I read some of my book and tried to knit, but the pain and the dressing on my thumb prevented me from knitting, even something as simple as a six-inch square.

Today’s picture is of a male pheasant, I think it is James, as he took off from one of our small walls in the upper garden.

It was dry during the morning, but rained during the afternoon and evening.

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