Swing Seat


It was sunny this morning, but by lunch time the sky had clouded over and it looked as though it would rain.

This morning I cleaned some of our windows, inside and out, I cannot do the upstairs windows at the front; I need to get a longer pole. I almost fell off of the stepladder when doing the inside kitchen windows and managed to put my foot, complete with shoe and sock into a bucket of dirty, soapy water!

Then I decided that I wanted to move the swing seat from one part of the garden to another. We moved it from the veranda when the building work started, but it was not in an ideal spot. I was attempting to move it myself when my husband appeared to help me. It is now where the old patio was, facing South, before the first lot of builders dug it up. It is unlikely that the area will be paved for a while, but it is more usable in this position. I then gave it and the two small tables a clean, to get rid of the winter grime; then the sun went in. I do not think I will be putting the cushions out just yet, but decided it should be my picture today.

I think we have now found a plumber and a builder, two separate people, but just have to wait for one more quotation to come in. Then hopefully the work will start. It is likely to be after Easter as my husband has several Addenbrookes appointments, prior to surgery on his replacement left knee just before Easter.

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