We went to Cambridge today as I had an appointment during the afternoon at Addenbrookes Hospital. It was not a medical appointment, but I went to a “Governors Awareness” meeting as I am planning to stand for election as a governor. I spend so much time there I thought it was time I did a bit more for the hospital rather than just being on two focus groups and knitting a few hats for the Rosie. There were a lot of people at the event, with another scheduled for the evening so there will be a lot of competition, so my hopes of being elected are not high.

The morning started out dry and cold, but the rain came down as we arrived in Cambridge. We had breakfast in Harriett’s Tea Rooms, before a quick walk around the town. The Park and Ride busses now take a very long time to get through the traffic due to the addition of another piece of cycle path, so we allowed plenty of time to get back to Addenbrookes.

After we arrived home the rain stopped and there was a glorious sunset; the picture does not do it justice.

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