Looking At Second-hand Books


We are both a member of the Patient and Public Involvement Panel (PPIP), which is part of the Addenbrookes Hospital Trust and we read and comment on papers submitted by researchers seeking funding for their research; these papers then go a specialist ethics committee. Today there was a talk, the history of ethics so we went to Trumpington this morning. It was very interesting although some it was not new to me. What did surprise me was that the average reading of the people in this country is twelve! This makes it very important when we read these papers that everything is fully explained so that the subjects taking part, fully understand what they are being asked to do and any consequences there might be. A buffet lunch was provided after the talk and I was well catered for. However, I shared some of mine with someone who had not been provided for.

On the way home we stopped at Scotsdales Garden Centre, well we were driving past it. As I had eaten only a small lunch I had cake with my coffee. As usual my husband looked at the second-hand books and found two very unusual ones. The money from the sale of these books, which have been donation by Scotsdales customers, goes to the Cancer Centre on the Scotsdales site.

It was dry when we went out this morning, but started raining heavily during the morning and for most of the afternoon.

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