Purple Alpine Viola

Voila2I mowed the grass at the front of the house this morning and as well as some just behind the house; I also did some deadheading of Spring flowers. I was going to mow some more grass after I had watched the F1 Qualifying, but there were a few spots of rain when I went out to look for a blip, so I decided to leave the mowing for another day.

I found today’s picture, of a tiny Alpine purple Viola flower, growing in the Alpine garden. I did not remember that it was there and although it has been nibbled by something, I decided that it should be my picture for today.

Whilst in the garden I noticed that the frost had killed all of the Wisteria flowers, both blue and white. This was the first year that the blue one had ever shown signs of flowering. The Kiwi fruit tree has also had all of its leaves destroyed by frost; that is what happens in a frost hollow. Maybe they will recover and flower later in the year or maybe we have to wait for next year.

Mrs Pheasant

Today’s main picture is a female Pheasant eating birdseed from the feeder stand. Not only was she eating the seed herself, but was dropping some down to her mate below. When another male tried to get in on the act, her male chased it away. She has made several trips to the feeder, as has a squirrel, no wonder they need filling up so often. The extra shows that Mrs Pheasant has been displaced while the squirrel has its breakfast.

Earlier this morning there were three ducks in the garden, they are not very frequent visitors while the pond is empty. They appeared to be interested in the small wildlife pond where the frogspawn has been laid. Fortunately this pond has a wire top so they cannot get into the pond or eat the frogspawn. The pair of Mallards left, but the unattached female Mallard stayed for a while. As well as the Pheasants fighting, this female Mallard attacked a Crow, which had got too close, the unattached male Pheasant joined in and between them forced the to crow fly away. Clearly I have not been very busy this morning having observed all the activity.

London Road


There was a very heavy frost this morning, so I could not mow the grass and decided to wait until after lunch. Just after lunch I walked to the village shop for some essentials that we had run out of, it was raining, so no chance of mowing the rest of the grass this afternoon.

Today’s picture is of the main B1383 road, which runs through the village and which was the A11 until the M11 motorway was built. These old houses are on the part called London Road and as you can see the sky was grey!

Cactus Bud

Cactus BudI spent most of the morning dealing with students, they are now writing their final piece of work, so not much more for me to do. Then just before lunch I mowed the last part of the back lawn; while I was doing it, it hailed for about a minute and then the sun came out again.

While eating lunch, the skies became dark and with it the rain, so any hopes of getting any more lawn cut are remote. The frogs however, have been busy overnight in the small pond as there is more frogspawn this morning.

Today’s picture is of a bud, beginning to form on one of my cacti; if it opens I will blip it again.

Cutting the Grass

Or more to the point hacking it.

I do not normally cut the grass as I do all of the borders; ten in all as well as keeping the tubs and window boxes in order. However, with my husband unable to mow for the foreseeable future, something had to be done. My Son-in-Law offered to do the lawns, but the problem was getting his mower to our house. He could use our small electric mower, which I used, but the battery life is very short, sometimes only ten minutes, so I decided that it would be a waste of his time.

Today’s first  picture above, shows part of the front lawn after a rather ragged cut; the second picture (taken by my husband) shows what it looked like before I started. I had to charge the battery three times and mowed the front, (there is a lot more to do than just this small section,) and made a start on the grass at the back of the house.  The picture at the bottom shows part of the back lawn after it had been cut. I plan to finish the section behind the house tomorrow. I have no plans to use the ride-on mower, getting it in and out of the shed alone is a major operation with less than an inch either side of the doorway. So the orchard will be left uncut and allowed to go wild, for now, the deer and rabbits can munch away at it as much as they like.

Other than that, I spent the morning catching up with paperwork and various other jobs; the evening was spent knitting.


Orange Broome

Orange Broome

The day started with me taking my husband to the surgery for his monthly blood tests; a lengthy and sometimes difficult procedure with him not allowed to put weight on his leg. Then home to deal with student’s tutorials.

I took today’s picture between the dew rain showers we have had today. It is of the flowers on one of our orange Broome shrubs.

When walking around the garden I noticed we have frogspawn in the small wildlife pond. I thought there was some the other day, but was not certain until today. This is the first year, since I created this pond that it has appeared.