A Rather Boring Picture

2017-04-01 08.11.06

But not a boring day.

Today’s picture is the only one I took, although I did ask my husband to take something in the garden for me. He thinks this is a boring picture; you might do too.

I left home at 0645 hours to travel to Milton Keynes for an Open University training day. This means travelling into London, then the underground to Euston Station, then another train to Milton Keynes, plus a taxi to get to the conference centre. This picture was taken of part of a seat on the Virgin train, with Euston Station through the window. It took two hours to get from home to Milton Keynes and three hours to get home. This was partly due to railway engineering works on part of the line.

The day was excellent, meeting with other Associate Lecturers as well as staff who run the modules. Lunch was excellent with a choice of fish or chicken that I could eat. Unfortunately I could not have the potatoes as they were not gluten free; how can you eat protein without potatoes or a similar carbohydrate? I settled for a jacket potato with cheese and sweetcorn with salad with a mango mousse for pudding.

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