New Bed


The new bed for my husband, so that he can sleep downstairs arrived at 1020 hours; the delivery people were excellent, put the wheels on, set it up and took away the packaging. They thought at first that it would not fit, but I had measured the space and knew that there would be an inch to spare each end.

Once installed I telephoned the ward to let them know so that they could prepare the paperwork; they said he was not ready yet, but would be taken to the discharge lounge and they would ring me once he was there; I could park at the front. To me the front is the main entrance; not so! Knowing that discharge papers can takes hours, I made up the bed with new linen, the cheapest I could find and went into Saffron Walden to collect our prescriptions. While standing in the queue in Boots, I received a text message from my husband saying he had been waiting forty-five minutes and where was I. They had told him I was on my way to collect him. He then told me that he was to be picked up elsewhere. One problem with hospitals is their lack of communication; it happens in many big organisations, but does not help when you get conflicting information.

Today’s picture is of the new bed, he does not like the linen. It is difficult to get linen for a single bed that is not aimed at children; much of it was pink, yellow or orange with Disney characters, fairies and princesses; I liked the covers with elephants on, but decided he would not!

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