Easter Bunny


Homebase, where we purchased our kitchen, were taken over recently and no longer fit kitchens; they are being rebranded as Bunnings. They had also sold my kitchen worktops, which were supposed to be saved for me and wanted me to have dark ones; they no longer provide pale ones. I suspect that with the rebranding they might stop selling some of the things that they do now. They do not give Nectar points, no longer have customer toilets and the staff seem to be leaving in droves; at least from the Bishop’s Stortford store. I have been fighting them since January, to get a full refund and last week they finally agreed, so I went into the store so that they could refund the money straight into my account.

Our new builder was coming to start work on the final parts of the kitchen and bathroom that were not finished when we sacked the previous builders; last week he had a heart attack and is in hospital. The boiler fitter was coming the first week of May and has had to be put on hold. With all that is going on with my husband and his replacement knee and broken leg, I shall leave things as they are for now and then start again!

I then went into Bishop’s Stortford town for some shopping and to host the Mensa meeting, in Waterstones Bookstore that is held every third Saturday in the month. My husband managed very well without me and can now carry his coffee, in a closed Costa travel mug from kitchen to lounge; progress.

Today’s picture is of a young Easter Bunny, taken through the kitchen window. It should be a blip tomorrow but it is possible it will not appear on Sunday.

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