Mrs Pheasant

Today’s main picture is a female Pheasant eating birdseed from the feeder stand. Not only was she eating the seed herself, but was dropping some down to her mate below. When another male tried to get in on the act, her male chased it away. She has made several trips to the feeder, as has a squirrel, no wonder they need filling up so often. The extra shows that Mrs Pheasant has been displaced while the squirrel has its breakfast.

Earlier this morning there were three ducks in the garden, they are not very frequent visitors while the pond is empty. They appeared to be interested in the small wildlife pond where the frogspawn has been laid. Fortunately this pond has a wire top so they cannot get into the pond or eat the frogspawn. The pair of Mallards left, but the unattached female Mallard stayed for a while. As well as the Pheasants fighting, this female Mallard attacked a Crow, which had got too close, the unattached male Pheasant joined in and between them forced the to crow fly away. Clearly I have not been very busy this morning having observed all the activity.

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