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Friday 29 June 2018


Today’s picture was going to be my boring lunch of jacket potato, which was excellent, but then I realised that the plane my son-in-law was on was going to fly over my house, so today’s picture is his aeroplane. The extra is the track which shows the line over the village. I waved as did my daughter who could also see the plane from her home!!!

It is a long time since I posted on here, must do better!

Venezuelan Food – P.A.N


We went into Cambridge this morning, purposely to see a man who makes and mends leather bags; he told us he is always there on Sunday and Monday. He was not there last Monday and he was not there today, so a bit of a wasted journey. However, it was an excuse to have coffee and cake as well as lunch although we did not go to one of our usual places for lunch.

Today’s picture shows some gluten-free Venezuelan Food. Cambridge market now has a variety of “street food” stalls and I had seen this one a few weeks ago, although I did not buy anything on that occasion. However, on that occasion, I was told that Tesco sell the mix. I looked on the Tesco web site and discovered that the mix stated “very low gluten”. Today I actually challenged the lady selling the food that it was not gluten-free. She produced her mix, which actually is gluten-free and from the extra you can see that it states quite clearly on the front of the packet that it is gluten-free’; compare this with the one sold in Tesco, which does not have the symbol. So Coeliacs beware, this mix is okay, the one Tesco sells is not suitable for Coeliacs, although for those who avoid gluten, as a fad diet, will be fine with the Tesco mix. The lady sold me two packets of the mix, one for me and one for my grandson. My husband and I both had one of these “corn cakes”, with different fillings; both were delicious and very filling.

The afternoon was spent being rather lazy, watching a film on television and doing some knitting.

                                 Coeliacs – Note The Difference

                Gluten-free on the left – NOT Gluten-free on the right





Kissing Bunnies

Kissing Bunnies

I went into Saffron Walden this morning to collect our prescriptions and while I was there I took a picture of the Church spire. However, as I looked out of the window this afternoon I saw this mother and baby kissing, so these won over the spire. This picture was taken through the kitchen window and they were over on the far side of our orchard.

While I was in town I posted my electoral vote, for myself, for election to stand as a Governor for Addenbrookes NHS Trust; I hope I do not come last!

The weather has been variable, cold and windy, but also with some warm sunshine.



Today was an Addenbrookes day with a difference. We both belong to the Patient and Public Involvement Panel (PPIP), which involve us in looking at, and commenting on Researcher’s proposals before they go to the Ethical Committee and before they apply for funding. Today was one of the meetings we attend to hear some proposals, have lunch, speak with other members and today, an afternoon session discussing what we all do and what could be done better. On the way home we went to vote.

I took two pictures today, my breakfast and the one of my husband, reluctantly sitting in a hospital wheelchair.

Karafuru Wool


I purchased some raffle tickets during the Easter break to win wool, sewing or crochet materials. This morning the postman delivered my prize, which is today’s picture. It is unusual wool, but came with three patterns and a small box of chocolates (not pictured).

We were told that the machine to exercise my husband’s knee replacement and broken leg would be collected today between 1000 hours and 1130 hours. At 1400 hours it was still cluttering up my hall! My husband rang his contact who later phoned back to say that the collection had been cancelled, by Addenbrookes. They will now have to collect it on Friday as we are at Addenbrookes tomorrow.

As I have very little to do for my students I am able to spend more time catching up on some downloaded cookery programmes, reading and more knitting.

A dull day with the threat of rain not far away at anytime.

Virginia Creeper Bud

Virginia Creeper

A morning of sorting paperwork and students, then an afternoon of knitting/sewing up ends.

I took today’s picture after lunch and decided to use this picture of the Virginia Creeper bud. Although some of its buds have been killed by frost, as have many others in the garden, some have survived on this shrub. This shrub was rescued three years ago after the builders destroyed it when they started work.

Dull and overcast although not too cold.

Fish and Chip Jumper

Fish and Chip Jumper 1

As it was a Bank holiday in the United Kingdom, we watched a film during the morning. After lunch our friend Ralph visited and he and my husband had a good catch up. Both are Engineers, so the conversation revolved around engineering, cars and various other related topics. As Ralph prepared to leave my husband managed to hobble outside to look at his new Mercedes.

I spent much of the day knitting this jumper in multi coloured wool. It is knitted in one piece so very few seams to sew together. Why is it called a fish and chip jumper you might ask? Often in some of the poorer parts of the world, after babies are born, they are wrapped in newspaper, as no clothing is available for them. For those who do not know, many years ago, if you purchased fish and chips from a fish and chip shop, after being wrapped in white paper they were then wrapped in newspaper. Someone designed this jumper, which could be produced in an evening or two. This one still needs it sleeve and side seams sewing together, but my arthritic hands insisted I leave that until tomorrow. I have already knitted the hat and blanket to go with this jumper.