Spring Flowers


I did various jobs during the morning including sorting out my emails. I also made several telephone calls, some relating to when my husband can come home. He is not mobile enough yet, but may be by the end of the week.

This afternoon I visited him and took this picture after I returned home. It is one of the brick bases at the front of the house; this one is at the Northern end, near the gates to the drive.



Today’s picture is of a Blackbird on the feeder tray, taken after I arrived home from a long day at Addenbrookes Hospital.

We were up at 0430 hours and I had to feed Bo, our neighbour’s dog before we went; it was still dark. I also had to defrost the car which took ten minutes as there was quite a hard frost last night, but then we do live in a frost hollow, so this is not unusual.

We arrived at the ward at 0645 hours and my husband went to theatre at 1020 hours for his left-knee to be replaced; he returned to the ward just as visiting hours began at 1500 hours. Visiting on this ward is rubbish 1500 to 1700 hours and then again in the evening from 1900 to 2000 hours; I shall not visit in the evening. While he was in surgery I waited on the concourse, but then Nicola, our daughter, collected me and we went to Scotsdales for lunch and a look round during her lunch break, which was infinitely better than sitting on the concourse for five hours. I have also included two pictures taken at Addenbrookes Hospital, one before the operation and one after.

My Husband and the Mallard

As my husband is having his left-knee replaced on Thursday we decided that a day out in Cambridge would be a good idea, especially as he will be incapacitated for a while. Today’s picture is of him taking a picture of one of the colleges. I have also included an extra, which I particularly liked.

We started with breakfast in Harriet’s Tea Rooms, followed by a walk around the town, by the river and along The Backs. We stopped for coffee and cake at the University Centre, before coming home.

The weather forecast said it would rain, but although it was overcast it did not rain until we arrived home at about 1600 hours.

My Husband and the Ice Cream


This morning we went into Bishop’s Stortford so that I could post my nomination form to stand as a Governor for Addenbrookes at the main Post Office. Our Post Office is in our village shop and is unreliable and we have had post disappear or delivered ten days after we have posted it.

If you want to vote for me you need to be a member of the Addenbrookes Trust, you can join here https://secure.membra.co.uk/CUHApplicationForm/

We had breakfast in Café Thyme and then after posting my forms we got some shopping. It was such a lovely day that we decided to have lunch while we were out and then a walk in the Castle Gardens.

The ice cream van was nearby so we had an ice cream, an unusual occurrence for us; we sat on a bench to eat them. Shortly after today’s picture was taken, a toddler, walking past with his mother, had a tantrum and threw his ice cream at my husband; he aimed well, the ice cream landed on my husband’s knees!

Mothering Sunday Gifts


I did a little marking this morning, but our daughter and son-in-law visited bringing Mothering Sunday gifts. After lunch I watched the Formula One highlights, but did little else all day.

The bag at the back contained several items including some special soap, one lemon and one lime with a small frog on it; much too nice to use. It also contains four face masks, woolly socks, some coasters with owls on them and a lovely purple tin to keep things in.

The sun has been shinning all day and it has been pleasantly warm.

My Husband


This morning I went into Cambridge and walked over to the Beehive Centre to visit Hobbycraft; I wish I had not bothered! They did not have anything that I wanted; John Lewis did not have anything the other day either. I do know that Amazon has the lace and cottons that I need, so Amazon it will be. Although these are big companies, even they are not competing with the Internet.

Then this afternoon I visited my husband. The doctors and one of the surgeons involved in the operation said he might be able to go home tomorrow or Friday. Why when the doctors say he is not ready to go do the nursing staff keep badgering him to go home? Twice while I was there they suggested he go home this afternoon. I know they need the beds, but sending patients home too soon and in this case shaking his head and neck about on the journey home, undoes the work that has been done by the surgeons. His pain is not under control and they are giving him only paracetamol, which is generally given for mild to moderate pain.

Today’s picture shows him sitting on the side of the bed on ward A5; later this evening he will be moved to another ‘Neuro’ ward for those who do not need quite so much attention.

Christmas Day 2016


As usual we spent Christmas day with our family. This year we had turkey, we alternate between goose and turkey, with all the usual things that go with a Christmas lunch, including Yorkshire puddings. (Recorded here so that there can be no argument next year about whether we have puddings or not.) Then we opened presents and played a family game. We spent the evening at home watching a DVD.

Today’s picture is of my husband who almost spent Christmas in his favourite hospital. As usual he, as well as the other male members of the family is still wearing his Christmas cracker hat. I have added a picture of Sybil and Polo. Sybil is playing with the toys which Santa brought her, Polo, like all good children prefers the wrapping paper and boxes.