Venezuelan Food – P.A.N


We went into Cambridge this morning, purposely to see a man who makes and mends leather bags; he told us he is always there on Sunday and Monday. He was not there last Monday and he was not there today, so a bit of a wasted journey. However, it was an excuse to have coffee and cake as well as lunch although we did not go to one of our usual places for lunch.

Today’s picture shows some gluten-free Venezuelan Food. Cambridge market now has a variety of “street food” stalls and I had seen this one a few weeks ago, although I did not buy anything on that occasion. However, on that occasion, I was told that Tesco sell the mix. I looked on the Tesco web site and discovered that the mix stated “very low gluten”. Today I actually challenged the lady selling the food that it was not gluten-free. She produced her mix, which actually is gluten-free and from the extra you can see that it states quite clearly on the front of the packet that it is gluten-free’; compare this with the one sold in Tesco, which does not have the symbol. So Coeliacs beware, this mix is okay, the one Tesco sells is not suitable for Coeliacs, although for those who avoid gluten, as a fad diet, will be fine with the Tesco mix. The lady sold me two packets of the mix, one for me and one for my grandson. My husband and I both had one of these “corn cakes”, with different fillings; both were delicious and very filling.

The afternoon was spent being rather lazy, watching a film on television and doing some knitting.

                                 Coeliacs – Note The Difference

                Gluten-free on the left – NOT Gluten-free on the right







Today was an Addenbrookes day with a difference. We both belong to the Patient and Public Involvement Panel (PPIP), which involve us in looking at, and commenting on Researcher’s proposals before they go to the Ethical Committee and before they apply for funding. Today was one of the meetings we attend to hear some proposals, have lunch, speak with other members and today, an afternoon session discussing what we all do and what could be done better. On the way home we went to vote.

I took two pictures today, my breakfast and the one of my husband, reluctantly sitting in a hospital wheelchair.

Empty Plate


I went into Cambridge early today to get some shorts for my husband as his trousers are too tight over his very swollen knee and to change a pair of trousers I purchased last week. I bought regular length instead of short; both tasks were completed quickly.

Then as I was next door to Harriet’s Tea Rooms I decided a gluten-free fruit scone with butter and strawberry jam and a large latte were necessary before further shopping. To join in the with the “Whatsonmyplate” theme I decided to take a photograph, but forgot to do so until after everything but the coffee had been consumed. So today’s picture is the empty plate and empty pots!

Later I had a light lunch with some friends (and forgot to photographs it) and then visited my husband. Today is day two, the day of the operation does not count.

It was very foggy this morning and then it has been a hot and sunny day.

My Husband and the Ice Cream


This morning we went into Bishop’s Stortford so that I could post my nomination form to stand as a Governor for Addenbrookes at the main Post Office. Our Post Office is in our village shop and is unreliable and we have had post disappear or delivered ten days after we have posted it.

If you want to vote for me you need to be a member of the Addenbrookes Trust, you can join here

We had breakfast in Café Thyme and then after posting my forms we got some shopping. It was such a lovely day that we decided to have lunch while we were out and then a walk in the Castle Gardens.

The ice cream van was nearby so we had an ice cream, an unusual occurrence for us; we sat on a bench to eat them. Shortly after today’s picture was taken, a toddler, walking past with his mother, had a tantrum and threw his ice cream at my husband; he aimed well, the ice cream landed on my husband’s knees!

Jacket Potato and a Barn Owl

Today’s picture is of my jacket potato and cheese lunch, as we left Café Thyme we met Blast and had a chat. Then we had a walk around the town before meeting some Mensa friends in Waterstones Bookshop.

It was cold, but dry all day except as we drove home in the late afternoon it started to rain.

I have also included a rather blurry picture, it was getting dark when I saw this Barn Owl sitting on the shed roof over by our far boundary. I have seen Tawny Owls in the garden, but never a Barn Owl, so this had to be records.

Avocado, Brie and Cranberry


It has been quite cold and windy, but there has been some sunshine; the rain that was forecast appears to have passed us by.

We went to Bishop’s Stortford this morning, which was the first proper outing, other than visiting the GP Surgery, for my husband since his recent operation. We started in Cafe Thyme where we had breakfast, which is my picture today. We pottered about getting some odds and ends and then before coming home we visited Café Thyme for cake and coffee.



This morning I went into Cambridge and as the picture shows I had breakfast in Harriet’s Tea Rooms. I had a wander around Cambridge, but did not purchase anything; then I went to Addenbrookes.

When I rang early this morning they told me that as expected he had been moved overnight to a ward for those who do not need as much attention. They also said they were arranging his discharge papers so he could come home later today. When I arrived at 1300 hours he was still waiting for his papers. The surgeon arrived shortly after I did and was pleased with his progress; she will see him in Outpatients in due course.

It has been sunny, but with a chill wind.