Virginia Creeper Bud

Virginia Creeper

A morning of sorting paperwork and students, then an afternoon of knitting/sewing up ends.

I took today’s picture after lunch and decided to use this picture of the Virginia Creeper bud. Although some of its buds have been killed by frost, as have many others in the garden, some have survived on this shrub. This shrub was rescued three years ago after the builders destroyed it when they started work.

Dull and overcast although not too cold.

Cutting the Grass

Or more to the point hacking it.

I do not normally cut the grass as I do all of the borders; ten in all as well as keeping the tubs and window boxes in order. However, with my husband unable to mow for the foreseeable future, something had to be done. My Son-in-Law offered to do the lawns, but the problem was getting his mower to our house. He could use our small electric mower, which I used, but the battery life is very short, sometimes only ten minutes, so I decided that it would be a waste of his time.

Today’s first  picture above, shows part of the front lawn after a rather ragged cut; the second picture (taken by my husband) shows what it looked like before I started. I had to charge the battery three times and mowed the front, (there is a lot more to do than just this small section,) and made a start on the grass at the back of the house.  The picture at the bottom shows part of the back lawn after it had been cut. I plan to finish the section behind the house tomorrow. I have no plans to use the ride-on mower, getting it in and out of the shed alone is a major operation with less than an inch either side of the doorway. So the orchard will be left uncut and allowed to go wild, for now, the deer and rabbits can munch away at it as much as they like.

Other than that, I spent the morning catching up with paperwork and various other jobs; the evening was spent knitting.


Spring Flowers


I did various jobs during the morning including sorting out my emails. I also made several telephone calls, some relating to when my husband can come home. He is not mobile enough yet, but may be by the end of the week.

This afternoon I visited him and took this picture after I returned home. It is one of the brick bases at the front of the house; this one is at the Northern end, near the gates to the drive.

Gnarled Old Tree



I spent the morning at home doing normal everyday jobs and then visited my husband during the afternoon. They had not had a lot of sleep on the ward, as often happens when you are in hospital.

The weather was lovely and after visiting I then went to our daughter’s home as they had invited me to a bar-be-que. During a walk around their garden I saw this gnarled old tree with a large hole in it. It is likely to fall over so I decided it needed its few minutes of fame.



The weather has been strange today, one minute the sun is shinning, the next it is cloudy, either way it is also windy.

I have spent much of the morning writing a draft statement to go with my nomination form to stand for election as a governor at Addenbrookes Hospital. I have also been in contact with my new builder and my new plumber. Work on the kitchen will start after Easter and the plumber is booked for the first week of May. No news yet from Homebase or Bunnings as they are going to be called about a refund for my kitchen. If I have not heard from the manager by the end of the week I shall be paying another visit to the store.

There are masses of Spring flowers out in the garden now and today I have chosen these Hyacinths, which are flowing in one of our round beds. We have them in an assortment of colours, in flower beds at the front as well as in several tubs around the garden.

Stripy Crocus

Stripy Crocus

I was going to follow on from yesterday’s theme and blip a bird, but they were not playing ball and except for some pigeons disappeared from the garden. However, my husband has blipped a Partridge, one of two that were in the garden early this morning. Like the Barn Owl I included yesterday as an extra, I have never seen a Partridge in the garden in all the years I have lived here.

Today’s picture is of a stripy purple Crocus flowering in the front garden; it is complete with an ant.

It is cold and windy here and looks as though it might rain.

Swing Seat


It was sunny this morning, but by lunch time the sky had clouded over and it looked as though it would rain.

This morning I cleaned some of our windows, inside and out, I cannot do the upstairs windows at the front; I need to get a longer pole. I almost fell off of the stepladder when doing the inside kitchen windows and managed to put my foot, complete with shoe and sock into a bucket of dirty, soapy water!

Then I decided that I wanted to move the swing seat from one part of the garden to another. We moved it from the veranda when the building work started, but it was not in an ideal spot. I was attempting to move it myself when my husband appeared to help me. It is now where the old patio was, facing South, before the first lot of builders dug it up. It is unlikely that the area will be paved for a while, but it is more usable in this position. I then gave it and the two small tables a clean, to get rid of the winter grime; then the sun went in. I do not think I will be putting the cushions out just yet, but decided it should be my picture today.

I think we have now found a plumber and a builder, two separate people, but just have to wait for one more quotation to come in. Then hopefully the work will start. It is likely to be after Easter as my husband has several Addenbrookes appointments, prior to surgery on his replacement left knee just before Easter.