Karafuru Wool


I purchased some raffle tickets during the Easter break to win wool, sewing or crochet materials. This morning the postman delivered my prize, which is today’s picture. It is unusual wool, but came with three patterns and a small box of chocolates (not pictured).

We were told that the machine to exercise my husband’s knee replacement and broken leg would be collected today between 1000 hours and 1130 hours. At 1400 hours it was still cluttering up my hall! My husband rang his contact who later phoned back to say that the collection had been cancelled, by Addenbrookes. They will now have to collect it on Friday as we are at Addenbrookes tomorrow.

As I have very little to do for my students I am able to spend more time catching up on some downloaded cookery programmes, reading and more knitting.

A dull day with the threat of rain not far away at anytime.

Fish and Chip Jumper

Fish and Chip Jumper 1

As it was a Bank holiday in the United Kingdom, we watched a film during the morning. After lunch our friend Ralph visited and he and my husband had a good catch up. Both are Engineers, so the conversation revolved around engineering, cars and various other related topics. As Ralph prepared to leave my husband managed to hobble outside to look at his new Mercedes.

I spent much of the day knitting this jumper in multi coloured wool. It is knitted in one piece so very few seams to sew together. Why is it called a fish and chip jumper you might ask? Often in some of the poorer parts of the world, after babies are born, they are wrapped in newspaper, as no clothing is available for them. For those who do not know, many years ago, if you purchased fish and chips from a fish and chip shop, after being wrapped in white paper they were then wrapped in newspaper. Someone designed this jumper, which could be produced in an evening or two. This one still needs it sleeve and side seams sewing together, but my arthritic hands insisted I leave that until tomorrow. I have already knitted the hat and blanket to go with this jumper.

Knitting for Charity

Cardigan 1

I have spent almost all day and evening knitting the back for this cardigan, putting it together and knitting the button and buttonhole band. It still needs four buttons to be sewn on, but that will have to wait for another day. It is for the orphanage that I knit for and although they are not keen on pale colours; lack of water means they have none to spare for washing clothes. The do not do pink for girls and blue for boys, but as I have quite a lot of this wool, hopefully someone will be able to make use of it.

Victoria, our granddaughter visited during the day, not so much to see us, but to use our In Internet connection as their connection has not been fixed. She needed to complete a piece of work this weekend, which she did during the four hors she was here.


I spent the morning sorting out and finishing off some hats and ponchos and packing them up ready to post. Today’s pictures are of hat, six are for newborns in the United Kingdom and ten are for an orphanage broad where they like brightly coloured hats. The package with the ten hats also contains two ponchos and a baby blanket. Now that I have these ready to go I can start to knit some more!

The weather has been dry and sunny although not that warm.

Dark Pink Hellebores


Today it is dull and very cold. It is also windy, but not as windy as when Storm Doris arrived a few days ago. However, it is not a day for working outside although I did venture outside to take this picture of one of our dark pink Hellebores. There are also some pale pink ones in bloom, but the white ones seem to have disappeared; eaten perhaps?

It is a day for staying indoors and knitting, pictured below are hats five and six, knitted for charity and which are ready to be posted to the BigHeartsSquareGroup.



It has been sunny, but very windy, due to Storm Doris no doubt. Both cats, hate the wind but still ventured outside; one of them even checked the weather at both doors. I think they were confused by the sunshine coming in through the windows.

Storm Doris is not as bad here as it is in some places, so far, some garden furniture has blown over and the felt on my garden shed has disappeared. There have been some accidents on the M11, which means the traffic is diverted through our village where there are also traffic problems due to trees being blown down.

It is not a day to be outside so today’s pictures are hat number four. I have also knitted two ponchos since hat number three; the larger one is pictured.