Colourful Tourists


This morning we went into Cambridge early as my husband’s iPhone has the same problem mine had a few months ago. The battery had failed and a new iPhone was provided for the price of a battery. Knowing the problem we had with out of date software when mine was changed we asked three times whether the software was up-to-date, three times the assistant said it was. On returning home we discovered that the software was not up-to-date!! We will have to go back again tomorrow.

After we had visited the Apple shop, we had breakfast in Harriet’s before walking round ‘The Backs” where I took today’s picture of some tourists photographing King’s College. We stopped for coffee at the University Centre and then met some friends before coming home again.

It has been cold, but sunny for most of the day.

Fag Break


This morning I completed some paperwork and dealt with some student’s queries. Then I repotted some cacti and orchid plants before cooking an early lunch. After lunch we went into Saffron Walden as my husband had a dental appointment. We met after his appointment and then took a walk around the town before having coffee in café CouCou. I took this street scene of a man on his fagbreak, on the way to the café.



Today we went back to Cambridge to sort out the software on my replacement iPhone. Obviously I did not have an appointment, but was booked in, placed in a queue and asked to return in thirty minutes. While we waited, we had coffee in Costa, which is close to the Apple shop in Lion Yard. Then my phone’s software was updated and I decided to restore the phone from the Cloud while I was there; it took a while. Then we had lunch in Ed’s Diner in Lion Yard. We had not been there before, but they have a gluten- free menu. I had a burger in a bun, something I have never had before and some fries. It was okay, but if we go there again, we will go early enough to try their breakfast; I am not keen on burgers, now that I have had one.

Then we had a walk, ending up at the University Centre where we had coffee before coming home again. I took this picture near the market place of these people, some eating lunch, others just resting.

Once home I then had to restore the rest of my apps and items from iTunes and now two hours later it is almost back to where it was three days ago. There seem to be some new apps, which I do not want, so I will spend the rest of the evening sorting out the layout, which seems to be slightly different. Then maybe I will be able to catch up with comments and your journals.

Ice Cream


My husband had three Addenbrookes hospital appointments today, one in the morning and two in the afternoon with plenty of time in between for lunch and to purchase a few items. A very successful day at the hospital for my husband and a successful one for me too; I purchased two new pairs of trousers in a size 12! I have not been a size 12 for more than thirty years!

I did not take many pictures, I was loaded down with some heavy items; today’s picture is of an ice cream seller, who despite the sunny weather was not attracting much trade.

Getting a Ticket

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI went to Addenbrookes hospital this morning with my husband, his morning appointment seemed to take forever and we only just made it to the University Centre for lunch; they stop serving at 1400 hours and we were the last customers. I then went into John Lewis and bought a Scrabble game, then on to Open Air as my husband wanted to purchase something. I also purchased a new bag, which I shall use as a handbag. We had scones and coffee in Harriet’s Tea Rooms, which is almost next door to Open Air. I have to say both the normal and gluten-free scones were rather dry, tasteless and very crumbly; not up to their usual standard.

I took some street scenes, with great difficulty as I was carrying the Scrabble game, there was also some intermittent rain. I have chosen this one, but I have no idea who was being ‘booked’, as the only vehicles opposite him were taxis.



A trip into Cambridge today as my husband had an Addenbrookes appointment during the afternoon. Although British Home Stores is still trading, the café is closed, so we went to Harriet’s Tea Rooms for breakfast. Although we have been to Harriet’s in the past, so we know it is good, we also plan to try various cafés until we find one we like; this may well be Harriets!

A walk around Cambridge, taking pictures, with a stop at the University Centre for cake and coffee, before catching the bus to Addenbrookes in the afternoon. I had used the ‘Park and Ride’ and when we came out of Addenbrookes the next bus was not due for twenty-eight minutes, the one after, forty-three minutes; so much for a bus every ten minutes. We decided to walk, as we do sometimes and as usual, the boards were wrong and a bus past us when we were halfway to the car park.

The weather in Cambridge was variable with some sun as well as being overcast at times, but it did not rain. Today’s picture, taken along King’s Parade is of some tourists wearing colourful hats and clothes.



My marking is not going to plan as I had to go into Cambridge today to collect my Nikon camera after it had been repaired. This of course involved coffee and cake as well as a visit to Scotsdales on the way home. I did need to go to Scotsdales as the new pond plants were coming in today and I needed some Water Hyacinths for my small pond for the frogs to sit on; I also bought two blue water Iris.

I did some work before I went out and after tomorrow, except for Sunday I have no other commitments so I can mark full time; I will get them finished by the deadline so no problem there.

It has been warm and sunny all day. Today’s picture was taken outside Jessops, in Fitzwilliam Street I think, when I was testing that the camera was working okay.