Praise and Rage

This page will include reviews, good and bad, Praise and Rage, of goods and services, either purchased or sent to me free of charge for review.

June 2018 – MyHermes versus FedEx – FedEx Is The Victor

If you are thinking of using MyHermes to deliver your parcel, I suggest that you think again.

I sent a parcel using MyHermes from my home in the United Kingdom to the USA; it was collected from my home on Tuesday 5 June 2018. It was returned to me on Monday 18 June 2018 without an explanation as to why it had been returned. Today, Monday 2 July I again contacted MyHermes using their live chat facility; this is my fifth conversation with them over the last two weeks. Each time they tell me that it will take “one to two days to get a reply”. I have now been told it was rejected by customs, but they do not know why!! As I commented, if it was rejected then there must be a reason for it. I am being told all kinds of rubbish, such as the fact that some couriers can send different items through customs. I am sure that cannot be correct, why would something be acceptable by customs from one carrier, but not another? There was some thought that it might be the fridge magnet that caused the problem. However, MyHermes have actually told me that a fridge magnet is not on their restricted list; it is not on any USA restricted list that I can access either. This suggests to me that implying it was a fridge magnet was speculation on behalf of the company operative in order to suggest a reason. It also suggests to me that they believe that I am an idiot and will believe anything.

I will NOT be using MyHermes again, or recommending them. The parcel was subsequently sent via another carrier; FedEx. It was collected from my home at 1600 hours on Monday 25 June 2018 and delivered to the recipient in the USA during the afternoon of Friday 29 June; much more paperwork to be completed, but I will definitely be using FedEx again.


Saturday 18 March 2017 – Before lunch we went to Homebase in the hope that they will sort out the problems we are having with our kitchen units. Since they were taken over they no longer fit the kitchens and this has already been paid for. Had I known last June that they were being taken over and will be rebranded as Bunnings, I would not have paid for the kitchen units, appliances and fitting; they omitted to tell me that when I last spoke with the warehouse in January. During the week I telephoned various people at the Bishop’s Stortford store all were going to ring me back, only one did and he had only started work in the store the week before so could not be much help. So I went into the store and asked to see the manager; he had only been there a week! I have asked for a refund and hopefully he will ring me back next week. It seems that since being taken over, many of the staff have left and the new staff know very little about anything.


Posted 14 March 2017

Feet – Pictures taken 23 January 2017

Heels1 23 January 2017

Heels – 23 January 2017

Feet, they can be such a problem; you either love them or hate them! Whatever your opinion, cracked heels and toes make them look even worse. Over the years I have tried many well-known creams and products for my very badly cracked heels; none worked, so money wasted. My General Practitioner once told me that as I had an underactive thyroid gland then there was not much that could be done. That was before I discovered the NeoStrata range. I have used NeoStrata, “Problem Dry Skin Cream” on my feet and heels, twice a day for one month and the difference is amazing as you can see from the before and after photographs. It was recommended by Mr Tariq Ahmad a Consultant Plastic Surgeon; his clinic is Cambridge Clear Beauty, 3 Breaks House, Mill Court, Great Shelford, Cambridge, CB22 5AN. Telephone 01223 214960, email The website can be found at

Feet – Pictures taken 22 February 2017 – One Month’s Treatment



On the way home from Bishops Stortford today, Friday 10 February 2017, we visited Homebase. It seems they have been taken over and no longer install kitchens or bathrooms. We had been told by someone at the warehouse that as it is a while since we purchased our kitchen, they might not still have it. As we have paid for our kitchen and the installation we went in to sort this out. They are still selling an identical kitchen to the one we purchased! The person who we used to deal with is no longer working there, but he is working in the Bedford store, neither Ian nor Sarah who also work in that department were there either. We spoke with Aaron who took a copy of our kitchen and assured us that our kitchen would be on a pallet somewhere in the warehouse. He will speak with Ian on Monday and they will contact us. It seems that although the new company will no longer be offering installations, each store will be able to use their own installers; seems rather strange to me.



Well it is now August 2016 and our Mum has only just got around to posting our comments! My sister and I tried both flavours and although I always prefer chicken the seafood one was also delicious. Florence is not as fussy as me, although when asked she prefers fish to chicken. She loved both of them. We liked them so much that our Mum now buys them for us on a regular basis. Love from Dougal.

16 January 2016 – Whiskas Cat Food


Our Mum gets her groceries delivered from Ocado and sometimes they send free treats for us. This week these came for me and Florence to try. There are two sachets in each one, a poultry one and a seafood one, so we each get to try both flavours. We will let you know what we think of them once we have eaten them.

Dougal, I have told you a hundred times, it is Florence and me not me and Florence.

26 November 2015 – We Like These

  • Go-Cat

Hello, Dougal here. I will be writing the cat reviews, as my sister Florence is not good at reading and writing; she prefers to be outside catching mice.

The lovely people at Purina sent this free sample of GoCat Crunchy and Tender fish treats for my sister Florence and I to test. We both loved these and as they sent a money off coupon, we are hoping that our Mum will buy us some more, or maybe Santa will put some in our Christmas stocking.


26 November 2015 – A Very Good Red Wine


Although I am not usually a red wine drinker, I found this red, ‘Domaine O Vinyards Trah Lah Lah 2012’ from Naked Wines to be an excellent wine. The picture is the best that I could produce as it is standing on an unfinished kitchen windowsill; the bottle has been disposed of, so I cannot take another picture!.


26 November 2015 – It is no joke being Gluten-free – Tesco

I find the 2015 Tesco Christmas advertisement for gluten-free food distasteful to say the least.

It appears to me, a Coeliac for almost thirty-years, that the family who are expecting the ‘Latimers’ for Christmas, think that it is a huge joke. The ‘mother’ has no time to explain what being gluten-free means; this indicates to me that she has no idea. It also suggests that she would not have any idea about cross-contamination. The ‘stupid son’ asks a shop assistant if she is gluten-free and her facial experience gives the impression that she has no idea what he is talking about. The last straw is the fact that the final item to go into the trolley is ‘a light bulb’, which he states is also gluten-free.

Tesco, you should be ashamed of yourself for making fun of the thousands of Coeliacs, in the UK and elsewhere in the world. This is not a fad diet, but a medical condition, an auto-immune disease; Coeliacs have to follow this way of eating for life.

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