Today was an Addenbrookes day with a difference. We both belong to the Patient and Public Involvement Panel (PPIP), which involve us in looking at, and commenting on Researcher’s proposals before they go to the Ethical Committee and before they apply for funding. Today was one of the meetings we attend to hear some proposals, have lunch, speak with other members and today, an afternoon session discussing what we all do and what could be done better. On the way home we went to vote.

I took two pictures today, my breakfast and the one of my husband, reluctantly sitting in a hospital wheelchair.

Addenbrookes Hospital

PLACEAfter a very lazy weekend, I spent today volunteering at Addenbrookes Hospital for two sessions of their annual Patient-led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE). I had volunteered for this prior to my husband’s recent surgery and I had not expected, when he came home from hospital, that he would need as much help as he does. However, Victoria, our granddaughter was still on her Easter holiday break, so she came round to “Granddad sit”!

It was an extremely enjoyable, although busy day, when I visited some parts of the hospital that were new to me. I, with others in my group, assessed A and E, (I have been there before) Ward EAU5, N2 as well as some corridors and sections leading off the corridors. It also involved tasting the patient’s lunch, which for me was limited, as I did not have a menu to check which was gluten-free. The lunch provided for me was excellent and included my favourite Marks and Spencer gluten-free sandwich, gluten-free cake and fruit.

As I left the hospital the Park and Ride was just leaving, they run every ten minutes; the next one was due in sixteen minutes, so I walked to the Park and Ride. It was very windy waiting for the bus, so walking was a good option even though the bus arrived at the Park and Ride just slightly before I got there.



Today’s picture is of a Blackbird on the feeder tray, taken after I arrived home from a long day at Addenbrookes Hospital.

We were up at 0430 hours and I had to feed Bo, our neighbour’s dog before we went; it was still dark. I also had to defrost the car which took ten minutes as there was quite a hard frost last night, but then we do live in a frost hollow, so this is not unusual.

We arrived at the ward at 0645 hours and my husband went to theatre at 1020 hours for his left-knee to be replaced; he returned to the ward just as visiting hours began at 1500 hours. Visiting on this ward is rubbish 1500 to 1700 hours and then again in the evening from 1900 to 2000 hours; I shall not visit in the evening. While he was in surgery I waited on the concourse, but then Nicola, our daughter, collected me and we went to Scotsdales for lunch and a look round during her lunch break, which was infinitely better than sitting on the concourse for five hours. I have also included two pictures taken at Addenbrookes Hospital, one before the operation and one after.

Please Vote For Me

I am standing for election for a Governor position with the Addenbrookes Hospital Trust. If you would like to vote for me, you must to be a member of the Trust, you can join using the link below. Joining the Trust, before 12 April will mean that you are able to vote for me. There is no financial cost involved.

As many of you know my husband and other family members have benefitted from the excellent treatment provided by Addenbrookes and the Rosie; as have many of your families. I belong to two “Focus” groups, which are already benefitting patients and their relatives. As a Governor I can do so much more representing you, the public, as well as patients and relatives.

My Husband


This morning I went into Cambridge and walked over to the Beehive Centre to visit Hobbycraft; I wish I had not bothered! They did not have anything that I wanted; John Lewis did not have anything the other day either. I do know that Amazon has the lace and cottons that I need, so Amazon it will be. Although these are big companies, even they are not competing with the Internet.

Then this afternoon I visited my husband. The doctors and one of the surgeons involved in the operation said he might be able to go home tomorrow or Friday. Why when the doctors say he is not ready to go do the nursing staff keep badgering him to go home? Twice while I was there they suggested he go home this afternoon. I know they need the beds, but sending patients home too soon and in this case shaking his head and neck about on the journey home, undoes the work that has been done by the surgeons. His pain is not under control and they are giving him only paracetamol, which is generally given for mild to moderate pain.

Today’s picture shows him sitting on the side of the bed on ward A5; later this evening he will be moved to another ‘Neuro’ ward for those who do not need quite so much attention.

Addenbrookes Today


The pciture on the left shows my lunch, eaten at 0930 hours this morning; well it seemed like lunchtime. We were at Addenbrookes Hospital this morning just after 0600 hours for my husband’s surgery on his spine at C4/5/6. He was supposed to be second on the theatre list, but then somewhere along the line they changed the list so that he was first and came to the ward to collect him; he was not ready, having not had a cannula inserted, his special stockings fitted or his blood pressure taken! He went to theatre at 0845 hours and was back in the ward at 1400 hours. Just after that he was eating a roast beef sandwich and drinking coffee, which was not up to the standard that he has at home, but welcome all the same. The picture on the right is my husband waiting to go to theatre.




Today was an Addenbrookes Hospital day for my husband and this one is always a long one; today was no different. For some reason, although the very early morning traffic had gone, we queued for about two miles and arrived at the hospital at 0945 hours. It was not too difficult to park although we were on level five of the seven levels. Today’s picture is of my first Costa coffee on arrival together with my gluten-free Millionaires Hazelnut Salted Caramel bar. We were in clinic fourteen most of the day except when I went to the concourse for supplies and he went to get some blood taken as the GP had, once more, not done the correct blood tests for today.