Addenbrookes Museum


Today my husband had a late morning appointment at Addenbrookes hospital and while we were there we walked past the new museum display, which is where today’s picture was taken. The museum, created and recently unveiled has been produced to commemorate 250 years of Addenbrookes; it is situated in the corridor between the main concourse and the treatment centre. We did not have time to look at many of the exhibits, but there will be plenty more opportunities to look when we are there over the coming months. Today’s picture is just one of the pieces of information on display. After his appointment we went to Scotsdales Garden Centre for lunch before coming home.

It was cold and wet when we went out this morning, but around midday the sun came out and it has been a pleasant if slightly chilly day.

Cutting The Ribbon

Today was an Addenbrookes Hospital day, but one with a difference.

Some of you may remember that back on 29 September 2013, my husband had emergency surgery (with a less than ten percent chance of survival) at Addenbrookes Hospital and was in Intensive Care for a while. (He has been in several times more since then!) More recently we were invited to join a Patient and Relative Focus Group led by the doctor in charge of the Intensive Care Unit, Dr Vilas Navapurkar. There were improvements that he wanted, for the Intensive Care area, but as always, no money for them and his weight alone was not enough; this is why he formed the Focus Group.

Today was the opening of the smaller of the two relative’s rooms, inside the Intensive Care Unit, which has been refurbished, courtesy of John Lewis Partnerships. The larger of the relative rooms is yet to be completely renovated, although there are already some new items of furniture in place.

Today’s picture shows my husband speaking with Dr Navapurkar, the extra shows some of the group, including a rare picture of me, taken as the ribbon was being cut.

Lunch was eaten in Cambridge with coffee and cake at Scotsdales Garden Centre on the way home.


The Skeleton and The Surgeon

Me and GOG

Today we went to the Addenbrookes Open Day which was part of the Cambridge Science Festival, we started at the college which our granddaughter attends and visited various parts of the hospital, including the Cancer Research UK unit where we spent a long time; this was probably the most interesting.

Today’s picture is of my husband and I, he was reluctant to have his picture taken, but was somewhat bullied into it, by me as well as the person who kindly took the picture for me.

Addenbrookes and Scotsdales

This morning we went to Addenbrookes Hospital, but not for an appointment, but to attend a meeting related to when my husband was in Intensive Care in Addenbrookes in 2013. This group is called the JVF Intensive Care Unit Patient and Relative Support and Development Group (the link is to the main hospital site). The group was formed just over two years ago. It meets twice a year and does what its name suggests. We were not sure what to expect, but this is an excellent support group, both for those who have been in Intensive Care and for their relatives; we were both able to contribute and we will be going to future meetings too. Despite the criticism and negative comments that this hospital receives, this is a wonderful hospital, without which my husband would not be here.

Then, as we are going to Cambridge again later in the week, there was no need to visit the city today, we went to Scotsdales Garden Centre for lunch and to buy some pansies for the front window boxes and tubs by the front door as the summer plants now look rather sad. We also bought a variety of other things including crackers for Christmas and a new colouring book for me. I also bought a new torch to go on my key ring; I am very good at losing them.

Part of the Christmas 2015 display in the foyer of Scotsdales Garden Centre in Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

Part of the Christmas 2015 display in the foyer of Scotsdales Garden Centre in Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

The Weather – Another dull day, but the temperature at noon in our garden in Newport, in Essex, in the United Kingdom, was thirteen degrees Celsius.

Addenbrookes Hospital Day

This afternoon my husband has an appointment at Addenbrookes Hospital; prior to his appointment we will go in to Cambridge. Addenbrookes Hospital originated in 1766 using £4,500 from the will of Dr John Addenbrookes; he studied at St Catherine’s College in Cambridge. Before moving to its present site it was situated on Trumpington Street, before moving to its Hill’s Road site in 1976. Extensive building work is being carried out and the heart and lung hospital at Papworth Everard, is scheduled to move onto the site in 2017. A dedicated children’s hospital will also be built and should be ready by 2020.

Today –  Many flights were cancelled due to the fog and London Heathrow airport said it had cancelled 122 flights. Other airports closed for several hours were London City as well as Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, Leeds, Bradford and Cardiff.

The Weather – Very foggy overnight and slow to clear although the sun did shine in Cambridge around lunchtime for a few hours. The temperature at 12 noon GMT was about thirteen degrees Celsius. As I drove home around 1630 hours, the fog was descending across the fields, but most of the roads were clear.

There are no family birthdays today, but the two I have chosen to record today are Burt Lancaster (1913 – 1994) whose films I have always loved as well as Marie Antoinette (1755 – 1793) of ‘let them eat cake’ fame.