Small Fox


A lazy day doing what Sunday is for; cooking roast lamb, as it is Easter and doing very little else.

This small fox was relaxing in the top part of our garden and this picture was taken through the window. It saw Dougal waiting to go out and very quickly disappeared, so not much change to get a better picture. I think we have at least three foxes who visit our garden, this small one, a very large male, which I saw last week and a normal sized one; daddy, mummy and baby maybe?

The Squirrel and The Crow

Squirrel and Crow

A lovely sunny day, but I have spent most of it working as I wanted to get everything finished this week. Tomorrow I am at Milton Keynes all day at a Staff Development Training Day when means catching the 0643 hours train to London, before travelling across London and then out to Milton Keynes.

Today’s picture is of a Squirrel and a Crow. The Squirrel came down from its nut box and chased the Crow away; it was getting too close to his nut box.


Ginger CatToday’s picture is of “Ginger” who appears to have taken up residence on our far boundary. It is a large cat, but does not appear to have a collar and seems to be here quite often. Dougal and Florence are not impressed, but it does not come near them or the house. As long as it earns its keep by catching rodents, then it can stay here as long as it likes.

I have spent much of the day writing my 250-word statement ready for the ballot papers for election of Governors at Addenbrookes Hospital. I will post them tomorrow after I have read them just once more.

I did meet a friend for lunch; we worked together for a long time. We met in the usual pub for a pensioner’s lunch. The pub was recently taken over and we were pleasantly surprised by the increased size in portions. Fortunately one of the items on the special lunch was gluten-free.

I have not had any painkillers today although this evening my wrist is aching slightly; it is also itching, a sign that it is healing.

It was bright and sunny this morning, but has been overcast for the rest of the day.

European Grey Squirrel


This morning we paid a brief visit to Bishop’s Stortford at the same time as our daughter so we had breakfast together in Café Thyme. There were some ice crystals falling and then a few proper snow flakes, but fortunately not enough to settle. It is another very cold day, suitable only for doing indoor jobs.

Today’s picture is of one of our Squirrels, eating food from the pathway, which has been put down for the ground feeders. Clearly the nut boxes are empty again; filling them is a never-ending job.



Another very frosty morning although it seemed less cold today. We went into Saffron Walden during the late morning to collect my husband’s medication. We had lunch in café CouCou and a quick walk around the town, there is not much to see in Saffron Walden, before coming home.

I took this today’s picture of this Squirrel, before we went out, one our Squirrel nut boxes was occupied by another Squirrel and I suspect the other box was empty as this one is sitting in one of the trees which contains some of our bird feeders.

An Airborne Squirrel


This morning it was even colder and minus eight degrees Celsius in the garden.

Fortunately today is a day for doing indoor jobs, in particular for backing up and sorting out my computer and photographs. There are far too many photographs on my hard drive and they need to be fully backed-up before being removed from the computer.

I was about to take a picture of a blackbird, when I realised that the squirrel, which was also sitting on the wall was about to jump from the wall to the bird feeder. I got one shot, which is not as sharp as I would like, but there is no way I am not going to use this picture for today.



I was getting my coffee, just before I was due to go online for a Staff Development Event when I saw today’s picture down by the pond. It was a case of grab a camera and take a picture through the window. I was lucky that it was standing by the pond and that I could see it between the top of our wall and our apple tree. It left the garden just seconds after this picture was taken.

I am not sure if it is the smaller of the two foxes we saw quite often last year, but this one has a bad leg, the same leg as the fox I blipped on 6 July 2014. If it is not, then someone is still setting traps to catch the animals. I have not seen Hoppy this year and fear that he is no more. We heard a lot of shotgun noise just before Christmas and suspect that someone was shooting them on the marsh. I have seen one female Reeves Muntjac in the garden this year; there was another one, on the grass verge, just at the top of our lane when I drove home from Addenbrookes the other night. It was not possible to see in the dark and my headlights whether it was a male or a female.

There was a very sharp frost again this morning and although the sun has been shinning the frost is still visible in some of the more shady parts of our garden; it is also very cold outside.