Orange Tip Butterfly

I am reliably informed, by iSpot, that today’s picture is an Orange Tip Butterfly, (Anthocharis cardamines) belonging to the Pieridae family; I have also included a second picture looking down on it. It does not look like the Orange Tip butterflies I have seen before, but this might be the difference between males and females. At the end of this text, there is some information taken from

I saw this butterfly in my front garden after I returned home from our GP surgery with my husband. He had the staples removed from his knee and a new dressing put on, just until the holes where the staples have been heal. I also have a new gadget, a plastic thing, which helps me to put the TED stockings on. I had a practise on his good leg while I was at the surgery!

Orange Tip ButterfliesOnly male orange-tip butterflies actually have orange tips to their forewings; females have black or greyish wing tips (1). In both sexes, the undersides of the hindwings have a dappled pattern of yellowish-black scales, which provides good camouflage when the butterfly is at rest amongst vegetation (2). The caterpillar reaches 3 cm in length, and is pale bluish- or greyish-green with white sides. The whole body is peppered with fine black spots (3).