Today’s picture is of a Blackbird on the feeder tray, taken after I arrived home from a long day at Addenbrookes Hospital.

We were up at 0430 hours and I had to feed Bo, our neighbour’s dog before we went; it was still dark. I also had to defrost the car which took ten minutes as there was quite a hard frost last night, but then we do live in a frost hollow, so this is not unusual.

We arrived at the ward at 0645 hours and my husband went to theatre at 1020 hours for his left-knee to be replaced; he returned to the ward just as visiting hours began at 1500 hours. Visiting on this ward is rubbish 1500 to 1700 hours and then again in the evening from 1900 to 2000 hours; I shall not visit in the evening. While he was in surgery I waited on the concourse, but then Nicola, our daughter, collected me and we went to Scotsdales for lunch and a look round during her lunch break, which was infinitely better than sitting on the concourse for five hours. I have also included two pictures taken at Addenbrookes Hospital, one before the operation and one after.


TwoThis morning my husband took the large bulky bandage off of my wrist; today was the first time it was allowed off. It looks good and has been photographed and two views have been included below as a record. My husband put on a new small dressing so that the steri strips remain in place. Today’s shower was much better with just a rubber glove on rather than a huge plastic bag!

Today’s main picture is of a Goldfinch, the first one I have seen in the garden for at least two years. I only saw it briefly, just as it was about to fly away. Today has been warm and sunny.

Yesterday when I returned home I found confirmation that my nomination form, to stand as a Governor for Addenbrookes Hospital had arrived safely. If you want to vote for me you need to be a member of the Addenbrookes Trust, you can join here



The Squirrel and The Crow

Squirrel and Crow

A lovely sunny day, but I have spent most of it working as I wanted to get everything finished this week. Tomorrow I am at Milton Keynes all day at a Staff Development Training Day when means catching the 0643 hours train to London, before travelling across London and then out to Milton Keynes.

Today’s picture is of a Squirrel and a Crow. The Squirrel came down from its nut box and chased the Crow away; it was getting too close to his nut box.


MagpieThanks for all your good wishes on yesterday’s blip, for a speedy recovery. Surprisingly I slept quite well waking up only once. It was an Addenbrookes hospital day today, one of the long ones in clinic fourteen. We went first thing on the train and then got the guided bus to Addenbrookes. It takes about four minutes from the railway station to Addenbrookes on the guided bus and with the current road works, can take anything up to thirty minutes or more using a conventional bus. We got home at almost 1900 hours.

I took several pictures before I went out, including this Magpie, as I did not think I would have time when I got home. It was foggy first thing, but turned out to be a lovely sunny day.

Flying Pheasant


As rain was forecast today I decided that I would defrost the fridge and the freezer. All went well with defrosting the fridge until I bent back the nail on my left-hand. As I have had acrylic on my nails for a while they are very soft, so they bent easily. Unfortunately it was hard enough to make a gash in my thumb. First aid was rendered by my husband, but I decided to finish defrosting the fridge and leave the freezer for tomorrow.

After lunch I read some of my book and tried to knit, but the pain and the dressing on my thumb prevented me from knitting, even something as simple as a six-inch square.

Today’s picture is of a male pheasant, I think it is James, as he took off from one of our small walls in the upper garden.

It was dry during the morning, but rained during the afternoon and evening.