It has been another very cold day not getting much above freezing all day. There was the odd ice crystal falling when I went outside to fill the bird feeders, but no actual snow. Today’s main picture is of a female Blackbird sitting on the wall. The shrub behind the bird looks as thought it has some buds on it. The pictures below are of one of our six resident Robins



The sun did not appear today, it has been wet, cold, dull and misty. There has not been much wildlife in the garden except for a few birds on the feeders. Dougal and Florence both went out, Dougal several times, and Florence went up onto the balcony, but by late morning, both were in sleeping in warmer places.

Today’s picture is of a Robin and a Great Tit, both on the bird table at the same time and taken through the kitchen window. I was focusing on the Robin when the Blue Tit joined it on the table.

Two Starlings

Two Starlings.jpg

It has been very cold today, according to the thermometers, not getting much above minus two degrees Celsius; it also stated ‘it feels like -8’! My daughter saw some flakes of snow as she drove to work this morning in the direction of Cambridge; I have not seen any here.

A busy morning sorting out some paperwork and making telephone calls. Then I walked to the village to collect my prescription and was told that my husband’s prescription would probably be collected, by them, this afternoon; a rubbish comment! It was so cold out that I did not take a camera, but took today’s pictures from the conservatory and the kitchen when I got home. The one in the main picture decided to fly away as I pressed the shutter! The Starling were taking advantage of all the fresh food and water that I had just put out; the little birds were not getting near it, so I will need to refill it again this afternoon.

As it is so cold, an afternoon of knitting looks likely, or maybe I will catch up with some of my reading.

Blue Tits

Blue Tits.jpg

There was not much wildlife in the garden today, but I captured these two Blue Tits on the fat ball feeder. Why do Blue Tits always look so cross?

Not a lot of sunshine today, but I have not been outside much as I have been working on files on my computer and on my family tree. Florence has not been out all day, but Dougal checked the weather several times this morning before settling down in the dining room with his back to the radiator.


As my husband had an Addenbrookes hospital appointment around lunchtime we went to Scotsdales for breakfast, what else was there to do? After his appointment, we went into Cambridge to have coffee and cake at the University Centre.

Today’s picture was taken after we left the University Centre and I think one of the chefs from The Anchor pubic house realised what I was doing even though the camera was at waist height. There were a lot of gulls flying around and I also liked the two pictures included below.



It has been quite cold, but less windy today, although I have not had much time for taking photographs as I spent the morning working and this afternoon our granddaughter Victoria came to visit.

Today’s picture, taken through the kitchen window is of two of the many pigeons that were in the garden this morning.