Birthday Dinner


Another trip into Cambridge today as my husband had to take his computer back to the Apple shop; I waited in Costa, with coffee and my book. Then we went to Harriet’s for breakfast, followed by a short walk by the River Cam before coming home. Victoria and Jake, (her boyfriend), visited during the afternoon and then we all met up in the evening for my husband’s birthday dinner.

As is usual on birthdays, the family meet for lunch or dinner, sometimes both and often cake. This evening we went to The Fighting Cocks in the next village; they cater beautifully for Coeliacs so Oliver and I were very quite happy.

Between the starter and the main being served he opened some presents and cards and today’s main picture shows him with Victoria and Jake as well as just a little of Oliver’s face. I have included two extra pictures, one of everyone studying the menu, although Jake’s face is not visible and one of the other side of the table showing all of Oliver’s face as well as our daughter and son-in-law.

We Are Nine

D and F

Well it was our birthday yesterday, but as they were still celebrating Victoria’s birthday we are having our birthday today; we like Victoria so we do not mind.

As is usual on our birthday, I get to write in the journal. We had a new collar each, well I had mine two weeks ago as I kept breaking mine and making it fall off and we each had a new bowl. Do you know, we also had to have ‘Frontline’, whatever that is and a worm tablet. Then we had our breakfast in our new bowls. She said it was rabbit, but it did not taste anything like the fresh ones we catch ourselves. Then we went out into our garden to play, even though it was raining.

Of course, today’s picture is of me and Florence eating from our new bowls. Well I was being stubborn and would not pose properly from the correct side. Florence also ate some of my breakfast, as I would not come down when called as I thought she might try and put something else down my throat.

Happy birthday to our big sister Sybil, do you know, until our Mum reminded them yesterday, they had forgotten it was her birthday, but she was going to get a new collar anyway.

Nicola and Oliver

N and O 1

Today we celebrated Victoria’s birthday with lunch at the village pub and cake afterwards at their home.

I have chosen a picture, not of Victoria, but of our daughter, Nicola and our grandson, Oliver. It is rare to get a picture of them together so this is my choice.

Victoria’s cake, without candles, so as not to spoil the effect and the gluten-free courgette and orange cake for Oliver and can be seen as extras.


Victoria Cropped

Today our granddaughter, Victoria’s celebrated her eighteenth birthday. It does not seem that long ago, when I spent the day looking after Oliver and waiting to take him to hospital during the afternoon to see his new sibling. Alas things did not go to plan and Victoria did not put in an appearance until the evening. Today’s picture is our beautiful granddaughter on her eighteenth birthday.

So today, we went to Bishop’s Stortford and had breakfast in the Rosey Lea café, as well as coffee in Waterstones book shop. They currently have limited gluten-free items, but from next Monday they will have more choice.

We visited our family this evening and I met Victoria when she arrived home from college on the train; carrying presents and some remaining cakes provided by her college friends. We did not stay long as we will be celebrating her birthday again with Sunday lunch at the Coach and Horses in the village, followed by the obligatory cake at her home.

Birthday Cake


Birthday Cake for Queen Elizabeth II – provided by Scotsdales Garden Centre and made entirely of red, white and blue flowers.

Today we went to Cambridge to meet some friends. As usual we had breakfast in BHS before looking at the steam engines on Parker’s Piece. After meeting our friends, we called at Scotsdales Garden Centre, as I needed some more bedding plants.

I was going to blip on of the steam engines, but decided on the Birthday Cake constructed entirely of flowers in red, white and blue to commemorate the Queen’s official ninetieth birthday. I have not had any cake all day!

Happy Birthday Josephine


Happy 21st Birthday Josephine – 13 March 2016

Today ‘Josephine’ is twenty-one and this special birthday has to be celebrated with cake and maybe some wine. Unfortunately Josephine cannot have cake or wine, but her tank was filled with diesel yesterday. We celebrated her 18th birthday, three-years-ago, also with cake. She has been a brilliant car and I have had her for sixteen years; my work colleague (who had her from new) sold her to me when she went to live permanently in Greece’ Josephine was just five years old with 29000 on the clock. I am not sure how much longer she will run or what I shall get instead; I hate the idea of parting with her; she is not worth very much, so maybe she could just retire to the end of the garden; like horses are put out to pasture.

The day has been very warm with brilliant sunshine all day and temperatures of around twelve degrees Celsius.


Happy 18th Birthday Josephine – 23 March 2013