Today’s picture is of a Ladybird on tone of our Rosemary plants; it was almost two Green Woodpeckers. As I sorted out the kitchen after lunch, I looked out of the window and there were two Green Woodpeckers in the orchard. I went to get the camera, but at the same time two motorbikes went down the lane and frightened them away.

I have spent much of the morning watching the London Marathon and plan to spend the afternoon knitting or catching up with my reading.



Today I have been working for most of the day as I now have a group of students for the Open University October presentation of Y032, People, Work and Society. I found time during the morning to have coffee with my daughter and planned to be finished for the weekend by 1600 hours. I still have phone numbers to enter into my phone, but they can wait and at 1550 hours I have finished until Monday.

Today’s picture is of the boots I purchased yesterday. They look blue in the picture but are actually black; I went back and checked them and the box!

Toad With A Headache


I had completed all the work I needed to do, ready for Friday, by lunchtime, so after lunch I went into the garden to plant two small trees and six Lavenders bushes. After I had dug the holes I filled them with water before planting the plants. When I went to refill the watering can I realised there was something in the bottom. I shook the watering can and gave it a hefty bang on the ground. When I tipped over, this Toad fell out. I am assuming that it is a Toad, even though it is not the usual colour, as it does have a lot of warts on its back. I gently moved it nearer the pond and under some leaves; minutes later it had disappeared.

The weather has been bright, sunny and warm, although it appears that it will rain later, which will give the newly planted items a good watering.

Baby Moorhen


This morning I watched the London Marathon, until the men’s, women’s and wheelchair races had finished; I did not watch the fun runners. During this time I saw two Mallards sitting on our wall and decided they would be my blip.

However, during the afternoon I went outside, it was quite cold, despite the sunshine. As I approached the pond I saw a baby Moorhen, but as it saw me, or more likely Florence, who was with me it left the pond and went into the reeds. My husband and I were discussing the other day that we had not seen any ducklings, baby Coots or baby Moorhens this year, so this one had to be my blip. We thought it was alone, but suddenly its mother called it and this one, along with a few others, (which we had not seen,) swam to her side and went off into the marsh. The picture below is the same baby chick swimming on our pond, before it disappeared into the reeds with its mother.

Other than that a lazy Sunday, getting ready for a busy week ahead, with an Addenbrookes appointment for my husband and student tutorials to be given.



LadybirdI did a little work this morning, but once I knew that I could collect my husband, I drove to Addenbrookes so that I could wait on the concourse, so once released he could go straight home; we were home before noon. This afternoon I am watching the Formula One.

Once he had eaten his lunch, as the weather was good, we had a walk round the garden so that he could see the changes which ha taken place even though he had only been gone a few days.

There were several Ladybirds in the garden and I chose this one for my blip.


I was going to try and find something suitable for St Patricks day, but then I found no less than five Ladybirds in the Rosemary bushes, alas, not all in the same bush and those that were, were not close enough to get in the same picture; I also found one ladybird in the house.

The sun has been shinning and it has been quite warm except it was a little chilly in the wind; the Ladybirds were basking in the sunshine.

The tumble dryer duly arrived on Tuesday, within its time slot and today has been put through its paces. It is an ugly looking machine, but works far better than my previous one. This one is a condenser dryer and so it does not steam up the windows and doors.

As these were really the first Ladybirds of Spring, those taken in the frost do not count, I decided that all five should have a place on my blog today.



A lazy sort of morning, although I did the end of January household accounts, which I thought I had done, but then last night, realised that I had been so busy that I had not done them. My bank balance not looks much healthier.

I met with a friend for lunch and one of the choices of ‘Pensioner’s lunch’ £6 for two courses, was gluten-free; it was excellent.

This afternoon I decided to try out my new camera to see how pictures of birds, taken through the kitchen window would turn out. Today’s picture is of a Magpie, not my favourite bird, but it chased away the Robin that I was photographing and the picture has turned out much better than the Robin.

It has been dull with some sunshine for most of the day and as I drove home from meeting my friend there was a little rain; it looks as though there will be a lot more before too long.