Purple Alpine Viola

Voila2I mowed the grass at the front of the house this morning and as well as some just behind the house; I also did some deadheading of Spring flowers. I was going to mow some more grass after I had watched the F1 Qualifying, but there were a few spots of rain when I went out to look for a blip, so I decided to leave the mowing for another day.

I found today’s picture, of a tiny Alpine purple Viola flower, growing in the Alpine garden. I did not remember that it was there and although it has been nibbled by something, I decided that it should be my picture for today.

Whilst in the garden I noticed that the frost had killed all of the Wisteria flowers, both blue and white. This was the first year that the blue one had ever shown signs of flowering. The Kiwi fruit tree has also had all of its leaves destroyed by frost; that is what happens in a frost hollow. Maybe they will recover and flower later in the year or maybe we have to wait for next year.

Orange Tip Butterfly

I am reliably informed, by iSpot, that today’s picture is an Orange Tip Butterfly, (Anthocharis cardamines) belonging to the Pieridae family; I have also included a second picture looking down on it. It does not look like the Orange Tip butterflies I have seen before, but this might be the difference between males and females. At the end of this text, there is some information taken from species.nbatlas.org

I saw this butterfly in my front garden after I returned home from our GP surgery with my husband. He had the staples removed from his knee and a new dressing put on, just until the holes where the staples have been heal. I also have a new gadget, a plastic thing, which helps me to put the TED stockings on. I had a practise on his good leg while I was at the surgery!

Orange Tip ButterfliesOnly male orange-tip butterflies actually have orange tips to their forewings; females have black or greyish wing tips (1). In both sexes, the undersides of the hindwings have a dappled pattern of yellowish-black scales, which provides good camouflage when the butterfly is at rest amongst vegetation (2). The caterpillar reaches 3 cm in length, and is pale bluish- or greyish-green with white sides. The whole body is peppered with fine black spots (3).

Silver Lining


My husband had an appointment at our GP Surgery, with the nurse this morning so they could check his wound; I went with him. The stitches are still in the wound, they are absorbable, but it is looking good and can be seen here if you want to look.

We suffered very little damage from Storm Doris, some felt had blown off the shed roof, some flowerpots had blown around and some garden furniture had blown over. However the roads were grid locked by overturned lorries and trees down; the trains were not running so Victoria could not get home from college. Her father picked her up from her college on the Addenbrookes Hospital site as well as some of her friends who were also stranded; it then took four hours to do less than twenty miles! Oliver was also on his way home from college in Cambridge, he goes one day a week, he was stuck on the M11 for quite a while, he was almost at junction nine, which had been open and then closed again. They were all home by 2100 hours.

Although I took a lot of Spring flower pictures today I chose this one as it is a complete contrast to yesterday’s weather. There is also some mistletoe growing in the tree in the centre, I saw it last year and was not sure whether it was mistletoe or a bird’s nest.


sunrise-nikon-purpleToday’s pictures were taken early this morning when the sky was changing dramatically as we watched. The garden was bathed in a golden glow, just as some snowflakes began to fall. The two included are the first and last pictures taken using two different cameras and taken within two or three minutes of each other.

There was overnight snow, if it can be called that, but there was not very much. I walked to my daughter’s home, I was too lazy to clean the frost and light snow off the car, as it was a day for having our nails done. Every few months I have mine taken off completely, otherwise my nails begin to come away from my fingers. There was a snowstorm while we were in the nail bar and on the drive home, but this gave way to sunshine, but by noon the snow had disappeared. It has been exceedingly cold and windy, but the barometer is climbing so maybe that is our snow for this year. There are more on my Flickr account.