Virginia Creeper Bud

Virginia Creeper

A morning of sorting paperwork and students, then an afternoon of knitting/sewing up ends.

I took today’s picture after lunch and decided to use this picture of the Virginia Creeper bud. Although some of its buds have been killed by frost, as have many others in the garden, some have survived on this shrub. This shrub was rescued three years ago after the builders destroyed it when they started work.

Dull and overcast although not too cold.

Cactus Bud

Cactus BudI spent most of the morning dealing with students, they are now writing their final piece of work, so not much more for me to do. Then just before lunch I mowed the last part of the back lawn; while I was doing it, it hailed for about a minute and then the sun came out again.

While eating lunch, the skies became dark and with it the rain, so any hopes of getting any more lawn cut are remote. The frogs however, have been busy overnight in the small pond as there is more frogspawn this morning.

Today’s picture is of a bud, beginning to form on one of my cacti; if it opens I will blip it again.

Spring Flowers

SnowdropsAlthough it has been sunny today it has also been very cold and I am told, (by my husband) that it was minus eight degrees Celsius in the garden this morning, which is why he was out taking photographs while I was in the house.

I spent much of the day working, but ventured out into the garden in the late afternoon although it was still sunny, it was also still very cold. I had not seen these purple Crocus flowers until today so I decided that they would be my blip today, just because I like the colour.