Solomon’s Seal

Soloman's SealAfter a lazy day yesterday I decided another lazy day was appropriate as it is a Bank Holiday.

Today’s picture is a Solomon Seal, not very exciting, but I have never seen this in the border before. I decided to blip it before the deer ate it, which is what I assume has happened in previous years. If it survives to flower properly I will blip it again.

Crocus Buds


At last the Crocus shoots have come through the ground, but so far only the mauve and purple ones are visible.

I did some housework and used my steam cleaner for the first time although I am not sure it was any more effective than my squeeze mop and a bucket of water.

After the overnight rain, the sun has been shining all day, much to the delight of a certain cat who has been outside most of the day; even Florence has even ventured out. It is still quite windy and not as warm outside as the sun suggests. It reached seven degrees Celsius around lunchtime, in my part of the United Kingdom, but it is gradually getting colder again; a sharp frost tonight I suspect.