Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly


This morning, within the space of about ten minutes, we had, rain, sunshine, high winds, it was cold and there was a rainbow. I was just about to go out to feed my other cats when I spotted a rainbow and drew my husband’s attention to it. I was going to blip it, but who needs a rainbow when they can have a butterfly.

My computer has spent most of the day backing up my several thousand photographs to a 2TB external hard drive. I now have to be brave enough to remove them from my computer, but will not do so until later in the week. My computer is almost pout of space and exceeding slow. Before I remove them I plan to try to fool ‘Dropbox’ into uploading them, by taking them from the external hard drive, rather than directly from my computer. I will then feel happy that they are all backed up properly. I have about 50,000 already backed up on Flickr; I am a ‘belt and braces’ kind of person!

Meadow Brown Butterfly


Once again today it is coolish with strong winds and some rain, a cardigan needed when I went to feed my other cats.

My hopes where not high when I walked around the garden looking for a picture that I would get any of bees or butterflies. I went looking around the pond at the Water Mint flowers in the hope that I might find a Mint Moth. Then just as I was about to give up and go back indoors, this Meadow Brown made a fleeting appearance.

I spent much of the morning sorting out photographs and other indoor jobs as well as speaking with my daughter who telephoned from Mexico.

Bee on a Wild Mallow Flower

Odds and ends of paperwork completed this morning as well as a few indoor jobs. Victoria and Jake visited during the afternoon when they were out for a walk.

Today’s main picture is another bee, this time collecting pollen from a wild Mallow flower. I have also included a white butterfly, which, settled on a white flower with its wings closed and did not move for a long time.

Small Tortoiseshell


Today’s picture is of a SmallTortoiseshell butterfly, the first butterfly I have blipped this year; they seem to be few and far between, as are the Ladybirds.

It has been warm and muggy and now, late this afternoon it feels as though it will rain, which will be good as some of the plants in the garden need watering.

I have caught up with one episode of MasterChef today and still have another from last week to watch, which hopefully I will do tomorrow. Other than that I have done very little.