Mensa Meeting


It was very frosty again this morning although by the time we went out in the late morning the frost had melted from the cars. We had a Mensa meeting in the afternoon at Waterstones Bookshop in Bishop’s Stortford, before the meeting we had a snack lunch in Café Thyme.

Today’s picture was taken of our reserved table, before the other members arrived, so shows our coffee and cake. It was an exceptionally good meeting with lots if discussion on a very topical event.

Breakfast and Cake


As today looked as though it would be a nice day we went into Bishop’s Stortford early for breakfast. We went to The South Street Pantry and I had a full English breakfast, exactly the same as everyone else although my sausage was also gluten-free, not something I usually get with my breakfast. Later during the morning I had a gluten-free raspberry and coconut slice in Waterstones. You may think we eat out a lot; I am making up for lost time! During the first forty years of my life it was not something I was able to do. After doing a little shopping, we came home. The sun shone until late afternoon when it clouded over and threatened rain.

Today’s picture shows the breakfast and I think this is the best gluten-free breakfast that I have had in many years. Also, below is a picture of the Raspberry and Coconut slice and coffee.


Birthday Cake


It is our daughter’s birthday today and as we will not see her today, (she is in Mexico) we decided to celebrate her birthday without her. We started in Bill’s in Cambridge and while my husband had a full English breakfast, I had gluten-free cake with strawberries and cream. We then spent the day walking around taking pictures with various stops for refreshments.

She was planning to have several cocktails this evening, so I had some alcoholic pink fizz to celebrate, she is six hours behind us, so we were asleep by the time she was celebrating.

Today’s picture is my cake in Bill’s Restaurant in Cambridge.

Nicola and Oliver

N and O 1

Today we celebrated Victoria’s birthday with lunch at the village pub and cake afterwards at their home.

I have chosen a picture, not of Victoria, but of our daughter, Nicola and our grandson, Oliver. It is rare to get a picture of them together so this is my choice.

Victoria’s cake, without candles, so as not to spoil the effect and the gluten-free courgette and orange cake for Oliver and can be seen as extras.

Birthday Cake


Birthday Cake for Queen Elizabeth II – provided by Scotsdales Garden Centre and made entirely of red, white and blue flowers.

Today we went to Cambridge to meet some friends. As usual we had breakfast in BHS before looking at the steam engines on Parker’s Piece. After meeting our friends, we called at Scotsdales Garden Centre, as I needed some more bedding plants.

I was going to blip on of the steam engines, but decided on the Birthday Cake constructed entirely of flowers in red, white and blue to commemorate the Queen’s official ninetieth birthday. I have not had any cake all day!

Courgette and Orange Cake


My Cake

As I have very little work until I start script marking I decided that today I would bake a cake. I also made a tomato pasta bake from the recipe on the back of the Heinz tomato soup tin; I enjoyed it, my husband ate it, but is not keen to have it again.

I have several recipes that I have collected and wanted to try when I had time, all contain vegetables. As my husband does not like carrot or chocolate cake, I decided to try the courgette, orange and walnut cake. Today’s main picture shows the finished cake; the extra is a picture of the cake taken from the recipe. The walnuts and orange pieces were deliberately left off: the butter cream was flavoured with orange. The original recipe was taken from a Waitrose magazine and has been adapted to make it gluten-free.

It is another hot day, not a good day for cooking and baking. Dougal does not know whether he wants to be in the house in the North lounge, which is cool, or outside under some garden furniture. Florence is sunbathing on the balcony and it is doubtful whether she will come in again before it gets dark.

Original cake.jpg

Picture of original cake from original recipe

Happy Birthday Josephine


Happy 21st Birthday Josephine – 13 March 2016

Today ‘Josephine’ is twenty-one and this special birthday has to be celebrated with cake and maybe some wine. Unfortunately Josephine cannot have cake or wine, but her tank was filled with diesel yesterday. We celebrated her 18th birthday, three-years-ago, also with cake. She has been a brilliant car and I have had her for sixteen years; my work colleague (who had her from new) sold her to me when she went to live permanently in Greece’ Josephine was just five years old with 29000 on the clock. I am not sure how much longer she will run or what I shall get instead; I hate the idea of parting with her; she is not worth very much, so maybe she could just retire to the end of the garden; like horses are put out to pasture.

The day has been very warm with brilliant sunshine all day and temperatures of around twelve degrees Celsius.


Happy 18th Birthday Josephine – 23 March 2013