TwoThis morning my husband took the large bulky bandage off of my wrist; today was the first time it was allowed off. It looks good and has been photographed and two views have been included below as a record. My husband put on a new small dressing so that the steri strips remain in place. Today’s shower was much better with just a rubber glove on rather than a huge plastic bag!

Today’s main picture is of a Goldfinch, the first one I have seen in the garden for at least two years. I only saw it briefly, just as it was about to fly away. Today has been warm and sunny.

Yesterday when I returned home I found confirmation that my nomination form, to stand as a Governor for Addenbrookes Hospital had arrived safely. If you want to vote for me you need to be a member of the Addenbrookes Trust, you can join here





I spent the morning marking student’s scripts. Then at lunchtime I caught the train to go to Shelford Station, which is very near to Cambridge Clear Beauty. It is where Mr Tariq Ahmad, then surgically removed the ganglion on my left wrist. I came home with my daughter so that worked out well. I have to keep my arm elevated and sleep with it raised, so typing with one hand cannot be done very quickly.

Today’s picture, taken by my husband, obviously, is of my bandaged hand, which has a large dressing on it, which must remain for a few days.

It has been sunny and warm all day.




Today’s picture is of the sunrise, not as spectacular as it can be, but I did not take many pictures during the day.

I had an appointment this afternoon with Mr Tariq Ahmad at Cambridge Clear Beauty, who is dealing with the Ganglion on my wrist. This was the third attempt to remove it without doing a surgical procedure. Eighty percent of ganglions will disappear after the third attempt. If it comes back it will have to be surgically removed and is not something I am looking forward to; it is very close to an artery although this is not a problem for him. This time I felt rather poorly and a glass of water had to be fetched! I am not good with my own blood and have a low pain threshold, almost feinting if I cut myself! He was brilliant and said he had worked harder this time, although I think maybe he was being kind.

After a cup of coffee in the clinic I felt fine and as the clinic is not far from Scotsdales Garden Centre, we went there for cake and coffee; our first visit of 2017. I bought a couple of shrubs to put in our largest border before we came home.

Cambridge Clear Beauty


I spent the morning working and planned to complete the marking after my visit to Great Shelford; this was not to be and I will have to finish it in the morning.

In the afternoon I went to Cambridge Clear Beauty Clinic in Great Shelford to have a chemical peel on my face and to see some products, which Mr Ahmad recommends. I have never been one for putting much on my face, not even using soap on my face, except in my younger days when, like many others at that time, a large amount of ‘panstick’ and eye shadow found its way onto my face every day. However, as I approach my three score years and ten birthday, I decided that it was time to take more care of my skin. I have ‘gel’ nails and these cause quite a lot of damage to the nail itself and as many of you know I have to rest my names every few months. Like many people I also have problems with my heels, which another well-known product does not have any impact on. I shall certainly have those two products on my wish list; a shame it is too late to add them to my Christmas wish list.

Just to add, this is where I have had my Ganglion removed. Mr Tariq Ahmad is a Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Addenbrookes Hospital, dealing with cleft palates as well as doing a lot of charity work abroad, also on cleft palates, so this is not ‘Mickley Mouse’ stuff; I will let you know if it really does work.

I had planned to take a picture of the clinic or something else, but when I left it was dark so the only picture I took today was of their business card. If you want to see a picture of my daughter, who is the practice manager at Cambridge Clear Beauty, click here.



This morning my husband took me to the Cambridge Clear Beauty clinic in Great Shelford where Mr Tariq Ahmad, a Consultant Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, was going to remove my ganglion. In the end, after some discussion it was decided that it would be aspirated. This was a simpler procedure and although it might come back, it might not. If it does it can be aspirated again or removed, but the latter is a larger operation. I agreed to have the operation videoed so it will appear on their various websites. Mr Ahmad is a brilliant surgeon and it is at his own clinic in Great Shelford, run by my daughter, with excellent and caring nursing staff that he does small operations. Larger cosmetic procedures are carried out in other hospitals in Cambridge and Peterborough, as well as Addenbrookes where he operates on children with cleft palettes. The clinic also has a ‘Cool Sculpting’ machine, something that is becoming very popular; it freezes and then sucks out your fat!!

Then we went into Scotsdales Garden Centre for lunch to save me cooking today. Since I arrived home I have already dropped a mug of coffee as well as a partial water jug. I still have some numbness and pins and needles in my left-hand and this will remain for a while as I was given a long-lasting anaesthetic into the wound, before I came home; painkillers might be needed by bedtime. Today’s picture could not be anything other than my bandage; it was taken by my husband.



Today I accompanied my daughter to the private clinic that she is the Practice Manager of, (Cambridge Clear Beauty) in Great Shelford, near Cambridge; she runs this for a private plastic consultant surgeon. It is also where I will be going to have a small ganglion removed from my wrist. The NHS will not remove it for me even though it is pressing on a nerve and making the thumb on my left-hand go numb.

While I waited for her I had some excellent coffee and noticed this swan, which holds clean teaspoons for clients to use. I thought that it was very unusual and so it is my blip for today.

Today’s useless information: It is forty-six years ago today that I passed my driving test.