Ginger CatToday’s picture is of “Ginger” who appears to have taken up residence on our far boundary. It is a large cat, but does not appear to have a collar and seems to be here quite often. Dougal and Florence are not impressed, but it does not come near them or the house. As long as it earns its keep by catching rodents, then it can stay here as long as it likes.

I have spent much of the day writing my 250-word statement ready for the ballot papers for election of Governors at Addenbrookes Hospital. I will post them tomorrow after I have read them just once more.

I did meet a friend for lunch; we worked together for a long time. We met in the usual pub for a pensioner’s lunch. The pub was recently taken over and we were pleasantly surprised by the increased size in portions. Fortunately one of the items on the special lunch was gluten-free.

I have not had any painkillers today although this evening my wrist is aching slightly; it is also itching, a sign that it is healing.

It was bright and sunny this morning, but has been overcast for the rest of the day.

Put that Light Out I am Trying to Sleep


Another day of doing not very much. I spent most of the morning sorting out photographs and then an afternoon of reading and knitting.

Dougal has been out, first via the front door and back in the same way, thirty-seconds later; he then checked the back door, but declined to go out. Florence did not venture out, but spent all day in her bed, well it is Sunday, so maybe not a bad idea. Today’s picture is of Florence, this is the bed that is often found, upside-down on the floor in the morning, with her still sleeping on it.

It is cold with some sunshine.

A Sleeping Dougal

dougalThe sun has been shining, but it is still quite cold, both cats have been out, for a short while, before coming in. Dougal is sleeping on his blanket and Florence is in her bed, which just happened to be in the sunshine, until the sun moved on.

I took a lot of pictures today for the February “A Year With My Camera challenge” and from the pictures I took I have chosen a sleeping Dougal as he was not used for my set of twelve. I wonder who or what it might be tomorrow?



I spent the morning updating photographs on the Internet and bringing my diary up-to-date with all the cut-off and important dates, until May 2017, for the Open University October presentation of Y032, which I tutor. I do not yet have a group; they will be allocated during the next few days. So I have not prepared anything until I know I have been contracted.

Just before lunch I looked at some journals and was inspired by Dave, another blipper who had been doing the same this this morning, to go out into the garden this afternoon and cut down my Golden Rod as well as some other plants and weeds. I only did an hour before my back and my shoulder declared that it was time to stop. I still have a great many shrubs to trim, but they will have to wait for another day. Hopefully my granddaughter will be around to help, maybe on a Saturday morning or during half-term.

Today’s picture is the first of three wheelbarrow loads of shrub cuttings and weeds; helped by Dougal who managed to get into most of my pictures. I can now see all of the small pond as well as the rockery that surrounds it from my kitchen window. Before coming indoors I refilled all the wild animal water bowls and bird feeders. Maybe now I will be able to see the animals that come to drink the water at dusk



Well, today is my anniversary, not my birthday, but a bit like a birthday, as it is the day I had my accident, almost half my lifetime ago. Daddy has a special anniversary too, at the end of September; it is when we were very, very poorly and almost died. Anyway, I do not remember very much about that day or the week after when I stayed in hospital; some of the months afterwards are also a bit hazy too as I was not allowed out, for six months! Giunio mended my broken back and I am as good as new; well almost.

Mum wanted a picture of me and Florence together, but we were a bit naughty. We were let out at 0700 hours this morning and we came back in the house at 0800 hours and slept upstairs until 1100 hours, then we both went out; Florence has not been seen since, but hopefully she will turn up in time for supper. I brought Mum a present today, she still feels guilty about running over me, it was a lizard, but she allowed it to run away. I wanted to play with it, I do not eat lizards, even Florence, who eats anything, does not eat lizards. Mum made me come in so I stayed in most of the afternoon.

It has been very hot today, just like the day four years ago. So here is today’s picture of me, sitting on our perimeter wall, in the shade of the trees, next to the lane.