Greengage Blossom

Greengage Blossom

It has been sunny for much of the day, although the wind is quite cold. As my husband is going into hospital tomorrow, I decided that this was a day to be with him, rather than doing any work or household jobs.

Inspired by Ripitup’s success, I have dug out my 5:2 Fast Diet book in order to try and lose my last few kilos. So as I am not allowed to knit have been reading this book again.

Today’s picture is of some of the Greengage blossom on one of our trees. The extra below is Dougal and Florence in the deliberately left wild part of our garden, waiting together in the hope that an unsuspecting animal will appear so that they can hunt it down together.


It Looks A Long Way Down


A working morning followed by an afternoon of sorting out various things. Our granddaughter Victoria visited today as she is on half-term holiday from college.

I went outside at lunchtime and discovered that both Dougal and Florence were sitting together on the edge of the balcony. A good blip picture, I thought, of them together. Dougal is not very proficient at getting on to the balcony, so an opportunity not to be missed. By the time I had rushed indoors, grabbed a camera and got out again, Florence had moved away from Dougal, as you can see by the photograph. Dougal has remained on the right hand edge, just off of the balcony where it is nice and flat. Floence often walks along the top rail and sometimes in the guttering. I always have visions of a little broken bundle of fur in the garden; hopefully she will not fall, or jump the wrong way when getting down.




This is Dougal saying hello to everyone and I hope my dog and cat friends all had some new toys. I have played with some of mine, but Florence just ignores them. I understand that my big sister, Sybil plays with her toys quite a lot, but then she needs the exercise.

Do you know, last year only nine percent of her journal featured us cats. I said to Florence, ‘we must make sure we get blipped more than that this year’, so today when she went outside I made sure that she photographed me; Florence stayed indoors as it was really cold outside. If you look closely you can see my claws getting good and ready to scratch things.

They went out this morning, to the dentist, my human Daddy had broken his tooth, again. Apparently my female Mummy waited for him in the Waitrose café, drinking coffee and eating gluten-free mince pies. We of course had to stay in while they were out, but it is rather cold, so maybe that was better for us. Mummy says it is not much higher than five degrees Celsius, whatever that means. She also said that it is going to be very cold tonight, but what do we care, our bedroom is lovely and warm again now that the heating has been fixed.

Christmas Day 2016


As usual we spent Christmas day with our family. This year we had turkey, we alternate between goose and turkey, with all the usual things that go with a Christmas lunch, including Yorkshire puddings. (Recorded here so that there can be no argument next year about whether we have puddings or not.) Then we opened presents and played a family game. We spent the evening at home watching a DVD.

Today’s picture is of my husband who almost spent Christmas in his favourite hospital. As usual he, as well as the other male members of the family is still wearing his Christmas cracker hat. I have added a picture of Sybil and Polo. Sybil is playing with the toys which Santa brought her, Polo, like all good children prefers the wrapping paper and boxes.




Sybil and Polo

S and P.jpg

Sybil and Polo

We do not often feature in this journal, but our human Mummy and the family have gone somewhere hot. I ask you, has it not been hot here? It has been unbearable. Anyway I digress, we are Sybil and Polo and while our family are away, our human Grandma comes to look after us. She told us earlier in the week that we would have to have our picture taken for blip, but until today we have managed to avoid the camera.

Today, we were both out playing in the garden when she arrived to give us our supper. When we heard the conservatory door open we rushed towards the conservatory and there she was, she only got one usable picture, as in the only other one she took, Polo has her cross face on and I was running so fast that my feet were not in the picture.

We have been very good while our human Grandma has been looking after us, although I have not always eaten my medicine, so she puts it in my food. Does she not realise that I know what she is doing? I eat my supper anyway whether the medicine is in it or not; Polo has been good too.

Today’s picture shows me at the front and Polo on the top step, we do not pose like Dougal and Florence who are always happy to have their picture taken; they are posers and you can see them in the extra picture. Polo is my cat Mummy and Dougal and Florence’s cat Mummy, but I am the eldest and the biggest and Florence is the youngest and the smallest.


Dougal and Florence – Posers!

Dougal and Florence


I went into Saffron Walden this morning with my daughter to get our nails done. We usually go on a Friday, but we went today as she is going on holiday.

I am still trying to get to grips with ‘DropBox’ and may delete it altogether, but I do not like to be beaten. Part of the problem is our poor WiFi, which is so slow and often disappears when there are trains about, which is quite often during the day.

Today’s picture is of a reluctant Dougal and a co-operative Florence who were laying in the shade under one of the garden chairs. It has been very hot again and Dougal has also spent a lot of time in the house, trying to keep cool.

Even through I have been rather naughty I am still being allowed to write the journal entry for today and today’s picture is of me washing my tail. Mum says it is to tell everyone, as well as my animal friends, how naughty I have been.

Well, last night it was such a nice evening that I decided not to come in at bedtime. Mum kept calling me and even went out into the garden, in the dark to look for me; she is scared of the dark! However, even when Daddy called me I still did not come in and I stayed out all night. I did not get any supper although Florence got hers, even though she stays out sometimes. I am not allowed to stay out at night, since my accident, but in the end she gave up looking for me and went to bed. When I asked to come in at 0700 hours this morning, when Daddy got up, he did not let me in. I had to wait until 0800 hours for my breakfast, which was last night’s supper, which had been kept in the fridge for me, but I had to share it with Florence. (I have since been in the house to get some of the food from our dish, which is always full of especially nice Royal Canine cat food.) Mum asked me if I wanted to be an outside cat and stay out in the winter when it snows; I cannot remember what snow is, but I think I will not like it.

It has been hot again today and I have not yet decided whether to stay out again tonight. Mum has been cooking chicken, but I did not get any, then she has been watching the Formula One.

Love to all my pussy and doggie friends, remember to stay safe, keep in the shade and drink plenty of water while it is so hot. Did you know that cats could get skin cancer on their ears if they stay out in the sun too long?