Mensa Meeting


It was very frosty again this morning although by the time we went out in the late morning the frost had melted from the cars. We had a Mensa meeting in the afternoon at Waterstones Bookshop in Bishop’s Stortford, before the meeting we had a snack lunch in Café Thyme.

Today’s picture was taken of our reserved table, before the other members arrived, so shows our coffee and cake. It was an exceptionally good meeting with lots if discussion on a very topical event.



Today was an Addenbrookes Hospital day for my husband and this one is always a long one; today was no different. For some reason, although the very early morning traffic had gone, we queued for about two miles and arrived at the hospital at 0945 hours. It was not too difficult to park although we were on level five of the seven levels. Today’s picture is of my first Costa coffee on arrival together with my gluten-free Millionaires Hazelnut Salted Caramel bar. We were in clinic fourteen most of the day except when I went to the concourse for supplies and he went to get some blood taken as the GP had, once more, not done the correct blood tests for today.

Breakfast and Cake


As today looked as though it would be a nice day we went into Bishop’s Stortford early for breakfast. We went to The South Street Pantry and I had a full English breakfast, exactly the same as everyone else although my sausage was also gluten-free, not something I usually get with my breakfast. Later during the morning I had a gluten-free raspberry and coconut slice in Waterstones. You may think we eat out a lot; I am making up for lost time! During the first forty years of my life it was not something I was able to do. After doing a little shopping, we came home. The sun shone until late afternoon when it clouded over and threatened rain.

Today’s picture shows the breakfast and I think this is the best gluten-free breakfast that I have had in many years. Also, below is a picture of the Raspberry and Coconut slice and coffee.




As it was a lovely day we decided to go out for breakfast and went to The South Street Pantry in Bishop’s Stortford. We have not been there before, but they have gluten-free bread, so better than some of the other places. Unfortunately they use Genius bread, not my favourite bread, but at least they had some; they also have gluten-free cake.

Today’s picture is of my coffee. I took at picture of my scrambled egg and smoked salmon on toast, but it tasted better than it looked, so coffee it is.

Hat and Scarf


HatThis morning there were a few flakes of very wet snow, but it soon turned to rain. We decided to go into Cambridge to get another duvet as the one we have is a summer one and not sufficient when it is really cold. The Park and Ride buses were in chaos and after waiting at Babraham Park and Ride for over half-an-hour, we were told it would be at least another twenty minutes so we decided to walk to Addenbrookes and catch a one, a seven or a thirteen bus into town; so much for a ten minute service!

We had planned to have breakfast in town, but ended up having lunch instead. We purchased a new duvet and I bought a new woolly hat and scarf, as it was very, very cold.

Today’s picture is of the hat and scarf as well as the coffee we had prior to catching the bus back to the Park and Ride car park; we only had to wait four minutes this time.

This evening, after a lovely sunset, the weather is very cold, wet and windy; maybe tomorrow will be better.