Today was an Addenbrookes day with a difference. We both belong to the Patient and Public Involvement Panel (PPIP), which involve us in looking at, and commenting on Researcher’s proposals before they go to the Ethical Committee and before they apply for funding. Today was one of the meetings we attend to hear some proposals, have lunch, speak with other members and today, an afternoon session discussing what we all do and what could be done better. On the way home we went to vote.

I took two pictures today, my breakfast and the one of my husband, reluctantly sitting in a hospital wheelchair.

My Husband


This morning I went into Cambridge and walked over to the Beehive Centre to visit Hobbycraft; I wish I had not bothered! They did not have anything that I wanted; John Lewis did not have anything the other day either. I do know that Amazon has the lace and cottons that I need, so Amazon it will be. Although these are big companies, even they are not competing with the Internet.

Then this afternoon I visited my husband. The doctors and one of the surgeons involved in the operation said he might be able to go home tomorrow or Friday. Why when the doctors say he is not ready to go do the nursing staff keep badgering him to go home? Twice while I was there they suggested he go home this afternoon. I know they need the beds, but sending patients home too soon and in this case shaking his head and neck about on the journey home, undoes the work that has been done by the surgeons. His pain is not under control and they are giving him only paracetamol, which is generally given for mild to moderate pain.

Today’s picture shows him sitting on the side of the bed on ward A5; later this evening he will be moved to another ‘Neuro’ ward for those who do not need quite so much attention.

Addenbrookes Today


The pciture on the left shows my lunch, eaten at 0930 hours this morning; well it seemed like lunchtime. We were at Addenbrookes Hospital this morning just after 0600 hours for my husband’s surgery on his spine at C4/5/6. He was supposed to be second on the theatre list, but then somewhere along the line they changed the list so that he was first and came to the ward to collect him; he was not ready, having not had a cannula inserted, his special stockings fitted or his blood pressure taken! He went to theatre at 0845 hours and was back in the ward at 1400 hours. Just after that he was eating a roast beef sandwich and drinking coffee, which was not up to the standard that he has at home, but welcome all the same. The picture on the right is my husband waiting to go to theatre.




Today was an Addenbrookes day with a difference. My husband had an appointment, this afternoon, for his Sarcoidosis check up in clinic 14; it affects his eyes, more than his lungs. However, he had to attend A and E this morning, on the instructions of the third GP who has looked at the problem, which is affecting his left leg. He was there at 0900 hours, but I had to come back to Saffron Walden for another appointment at lunchtime and then back to Clinic 14, which even on a good day is always a long appointment. Today’s picture was taken in Clinic 14 and was one of the cold cups of tea that he consumed. Every time I fetched drinks, he was called away to different departments; he ate his lunchtime sandwiches once we arrived home. I took two pictures today, this is one of them; the other will be used by my husband. We arrived home at 1830 hours, after an eventful, but productive day.

It has rained on and off all day, in Cambridge, although it has also been quite w



Today has been a long day, I was up at 0445 hours, as I took my hospital to Addenbrookes hospital; we were there by 0630 hours. He was gowned and ready for theatre by 0900 hours, but it was not until 1515 hours that they came to collect him. I had been told he would be about three hours, but when I went back to A3 where he was going to after surgery, I was told that he was still in theatre and not yet in the recovery room; it would be at least another two to three hours. I came home.

I was hardly through the door when the sister on C8 rang to say he was out of theatre and been taken to C8; this is orthopaedic and the sister did not say why he had been taken there. I have not spoken to him; maybe he does not have his phone with him as all his belongs were on A3 as he should have gone back there.

After he had gone to theatre I went down on to the concourse to wait; my daughter arrived to wait with me. Today’s picture is my lunch eaten at 1600 hours.