Stripy Crocus

Stripy Crocus

I was going to follow on from yesterday’s theme and blip a bird, but they were not playing ball and except for some pigeons disappeared from the garden. However, my husband has blipped a Partridge, one of two that were in the garden early this morning. Like the Barn Owl I included yesterday as an extra, I have never seen a Partridge in the garden in all the years I have lived here.

Today’s picture is of a stripy purple Crocus flowering in the front garden; it is complete with an ant.

It is cold and windy here and looks as though it might rain.



Although my thumb has not yet recovered from the cut it received yesterday and the dressing is still in place I decided that I would defrost the freezer. It was badly frozen and by the time I have finished it will have taken about six hours!

Today is Josephine’s birthday, (my car) she is twenty-two and I did not expect to have her this long. I have spared you a photograph of her and chose these open Crocus flowers, complete with ants.

We interviewed another builder this morning and hopefully before too long we will decide which one we will use. He is also going to send his plumber to give us a quote for removing the old boiler and installing the new one. Looks like I might get my kitchen this year.

As you can see from the picture of these open Crocus flowers, the sun is shinning.

Past Their Best


I visited my daughter and granddaughter this morning for coffee. My daughter works from home on Friday and my granddaughter does not have to go to college. This afternoon I did some work, finishing early for the weekend.

Today’s picture is of some double Snowdrops, which are past their best, but these are probably the last ones I will blip this year.

The weather has been dull although fairly warm for this time of the year, but not a warm as yesterday.

spring-flowersIt has been raining for most of the day, but two animals decided that they wanted to go outside. Florence sat on the balcony for a while before coming in; Dougal did his usual routine of going out of the back door and then again he tried the front door; it was raining at both doors so finally he gave up and slept on his blanket on the sofa in the dining room.

We have started to interview builders again in the hope that we can finally get the building work in the kitchen and main bathroom completed. Other than that there has not been a lot going on. I have some knitting ready (new-born hats) to be sent to a hospital in the United Kingdom and some ponchos and hats to send to Wales, ready for them to be sent on to an orphanage abroad. I shall not be walking to the village to post these in the rain!

Crocuses and Primroses

It was sunny during the morning, but clouded over in the afternoon. A day of catching up with more paperwork, not sure where it all comes from!

Today’s pictures are of some purple Crocus buds growing in one of the front brick tubs at the North end of the house. There are quite a lot of bulbs coming through which Victoria and I planted in the Autumn, but these have been there for many years. The Primrose is in the matching brick tub at the South end of the house and has also been there for many years.