A Daffodil for St David’s Day


Today is St David’s Day so I decided to use a picture of one of the first Daffodils to flower in our garden; this one is under the Cherry tree. I thought it prettier than a Leek; the Daffodil represents Wales and the Leek St David’s Day. No I am not Welsh, I was born in The Fens.

A dry morning although cold and quite windy, with rain forecast for later. I did some more work on my family tree, adding some more pictures. I have recently found (via FaceBook) a cousin twice removed, or even three times removed in America and she is going to help me to fill in some gaps.

Spring Flowers

SnowdropsAlthough it has been sunny today it has also been very cold and I am told, (by my husband) that it was minus eight degrees Celsius in the garden this morning, which is why he was out taking photographs while I was in the house.

I spent much of the day working, but ventured out into the garden in the late afternoon although it was still sunny, it was also still very cold. I had not seen these purple Crocus flowers until today so I decided that they would be my blip today, just because I like the colour.