London Road


There was a very heavy frost this morning, so I could not mow the grass and decided to wait until after lunch. Just after lunch I walked to the village shop for some essentials that we had run out of, it was raining, so no chance of mowing the rest of the grass this afternoon.

Today’s picture is of the main B1383 road, which runs through the village and which was the A11 until the M11 motorway was built. These old houses are on the part called London Road and as you can see the sky was grey!

The Cross Keys

Cross KeysThis morning we went into Saffron Walden to collect our prescriptions. We had coffee in Café CouCou and a cake, as well as a look round the town. There are not many ‘ordinary’ shops, although there are a large number of charity shops.

Today’s picture is of the Cross Keys, which is an historic hostelry, which dates back to the twelfth century. It has a striking timber framed exterior and in later years it has been sensitively restored and now includes a coffee shop. I have never been inside; it does not cater well for coeliacs. It was taken with my iPhone and is a bit lopsided!

It is quite cold today although it has not rained, yet!




Cold and windy today with lots of dark clouds. I took today’s picture when I walked to the postbox to post a birthday card. These Snowdrops were planted, along with a few daffodil bulbs at the edge of the railway station car park. That was before all of the work stopped. Not sure what happened to the café that was going to be provided on the Eastern side of the railway line or the gardens. All of the Lavenders have died and all that is left in the areas on the Eastern side of the railway line are two areas full of rubbish and dead branches. I think the five small trees are still alive, although it is difficult to tell from the path. The volunteers used to visit quite regularly on Saturdays and then they were gone, no explanation as to why the work stopped.

I spent the morning working, catching up on some Open University work and adding to my family tree; in the afternoon caught up with some reading.

Fag Break


This morning I completed some paperwork and dealt with some student’s queries. Then I repotted some cacti and orchid plants before cooking an early lunch. After lunch we went into Saffron Walden as my husband had a dental appointment. We met after his appointment and then took a walk around the town before having coffee in café CouCou. I took this street scene of a man on his fagbreak, on the way to the café.

St Mary the Virgin


I went into Saffron Walden with my daughter this morning to get my nails done; sparkly purple this time. Then home for lunch and to do some work. Later this afternoon I walked into the village to collect our medication from the pharmacy. On the way there I took this picture of the village Church. I have taken it from this angle many times before and chose it today as it shows the dark clouds behind the Church. During my walk, the sky contained white fluffy clouds in a blue sky as well as this ominous looking cloud; it did not rain.

Flower Display


Today my husband had another meeting, with doctors, surgeons and medial professionals in Great Dunmow, we went a little earlier than necessary so that we could have lunch together. After he went to the meeting, I visited a ‘baking’ shop where I bought a new twenty centimetre square tin as well as some rose and lavender flavourings. The shop sold just about everything you might need when baking and also sold cakes including some gluten-free ones. I was given a sample of the coconut and chocolate cake, which was very nice. I then visited the Doctor’s Pond where I read my book until it rained, as this was now the middle of the afternoon I went back to the café to have another coffee and a gluten-free fruit scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream. This was excellent, gluten-free scones are so often hard and/or crumbly. I bought some strawberries for supper and then read my book, in the car when it rained and on one of the many benches when the sun shone.

Today’s picture is of one of the many flower displays in the town, this one is outside the library and taken from one of the benches I sat on to read my book when it was not raining.



Despite the heat, we still went for a walk, this time to the other end of the village where today’s picture was taken. With an orthopaedic boot on, pavements are easier for my husband to walk on than the footpath up through the fields. We walked back via the churchyard, which at least had some shady parts, stopping at the village shop to get some strawberries.

As it was so hot, not much work was carried out, but then that is the benefit of being retired, or in my case semi-retired.