European Grey Squirrel


An interesting morning, trying to help my husband who is normally very independent and does not like being helped. However, he had to give in and allow me to put on his elastic stockings, which he has to wear for the next six weeks. I can see that this is going to be fun time! Some of our family are visiting him this afternoon, which he will enjoy.

Today’s picture is of one of our European Grey Squirrels sitting on the wall; as usual it was taken through the window.

The Squirrel and The Crow

Squirrel and Crow

A lovely sunny day, but I have spent most of it working as I wanted to get everything finished this week. Tomorrow I am at Milton Keynes all day at a Staff Development Training Day when means catching the 0643 hours train to London, before travelling across London and then out to Milton Keynes.

Today’s picture is of a Squirrel and a Crow. The Squirrel came down from its nut box and chased the Crow away; it was getting too close to his nut box.

European Grey Squirrel


This morning we paid a brief visit to Bishop’s Stortford at the same time as our daughter so we had breakfast together in Café Thyme. There were some ice crystals falling and then a few proper snow flakes, but fortunately not enough to settle. It is another very cold day, suitable only for doing indoor jobs.

Today’s picture is of one of our Squirrels, eating food from the pathway, which has been put down for the ground feeders. Clearly the nut boxes are empty again; filling them is a never-ending job.

An Airborne Squirrel


This morning it was even colder and minus eight degrees Celsius in the garden.

Fortunately today is a day for doing indoor jobs, in particular for backing up and sorting out my computer and photographs. There are far too many photographs on my hard drive and they need to be fully backed-up before being removed from the computer.

I was about to take a picture of a blackbird, when I realised that the squirrel, which was also sitting on the wall was about to jump from the wall to the bird feeder. I got one shot, which is not as sharp as I would like, but there is no way I am not going to use this picture for today.

A Host of Things



The First Fog of Autumn 2016

We went into Bishop’s Stortford this morning for breakfast and then while we were in Lloyds Pharmacy we were offered our flu jabs. We were asked to go back at 1215; this is the earliest we have ever had them. We used to go to the pharmacy in the village, but our very efficient pharmacist has moved on and the new staff are not very organised. During the morning we had more coffee in Waterstones and gluten-free pear and chocolate biscuits. I also purchased a piece of gluten-free lemon and blueberry cake with fresh cream, from Café Thyme, where we had breakfast, which I brought home with me. I must not go on eating this much every day otherwise I will gain all the weight I have lost!! While I was in Bishop’s Stortford I bought six small cactus plants as well as six white wicker storage baskets for my shower room.

I took today’s picture before I went out of one of out squirrels, just before he took a drink from one of our water bowls. I fill several water bowls around the garden as well as the bird bath so that the deer, foxes and other animals can get water during this hot weather. I encourage them into the garden, with food and water and then wonder why they eat my plants.

My main picture shows that it was quite foggy this morning, but once this cleared, around mid-morning the day has been very hot and sunny.

Oblivious; Or Is She?


I was just about to go out into the garden to look for my picture for today’s blip when I noticed a young Reeves Muntjac in the garden; it is likely to be Hoppy’s offspring as he is the only male that visits the garden. However, there may be a large number of male Muntjac, which we never see! On moving to a better position to take a picture I could see Florence, asleep on the wall and decided that this would be my picture today.

The deer were in the garden again during the night, my husband saw at least one of the bigger Fallow deer close to the back door; it had tripped the security lights. On investigation this morning I noticed that my fuchsias have been pruned once again and some of the smaller plants have been half eaten and in some cases pulled from the ground. I have now decided that they have won this war and I shall be filling the borders that they can get at with ‘woody’ shrubs and plants that they do not like. We could fully fence the garden, but on the plus side I do like to see them and fencing the garden would be a mammoth task.

Below are two pictures of some other wildlife in the garden.

European Grey Squirrel


It has been raining on and off all day although I did manage to put in some plants including another six Lavenders as well as Apple Mint and Chocolate Mint; mint grows like crazy, but I do not mind if it fills up some corners of the borders. I also put some more Busy Lizzies in the window boxes and tubs as well as some more Lobelia. Every year I wonder why I fill all these planters, as I then have to remember to water them everyday!

I also completed the first twelve weeks, online, of my mammal sightings, seen in my garden, for the ‘People’s Trust for Endangered Species’ although I am not sure that grey squirrels are an endangered species! Just one more week after this week and the survey will be over for another year; I have completed this survey since 2003 so sixteen years of mammal watching.

Today’s picture is of the new bird feeder stand, complete with a squirrel; I watched it climb easily up the pole. There is a device that fits the pole to prevent squirrels doing this, but from the numerous reviews of them, it seems that the squirrels learn, in a few days, how to get round them.