Mrs Pheasant

Today’s main picture is a female Pheasant eating birdseed from the feeder stand. Not only was she eating the seed herself, but was dropping some down to her mate below. When another male tried to get in on the act, her male chased it away. She has made several trips to the feeder, as has a squirrel, no wonder they need filling up so often. The extra shows that Mrs Pheasant has been displaced while the squirrel has its breakfast.

Earlier this morning there were three ducks in the garden, they are not very frequent visitors while the pond is empty. They appeared to be interested in the small wildlife pond where the frogspawn has been laid. Fortunately this pond has a wire top so they cannot get into the pond or eat the frogspawn. The pair of Mallards left, but the unattached female Mallard stayed for a while. As well as the Pheasants fighting, this female Mallard attacked a Crow, which had got too close, the unattached male Pheasant joined in and between them forced the to crow fly away. Clearly I have not been very busy this morning having observed all the activity.

Mr and Mrs Blackbird

Today’s main picture is of a male Blackbird, his mate is included as an extra. These two were taking turns at this hanging bird table, but I did not see them together. Today’s pictures were taken through a none too clean kitchen window!

It has been dull, wet and cold all day; not the best weather to start the New Year. I do not make New Year resolutions, but I do intend to lose the last three kilos, hopefully before too long, which will take me to the weight I want to be. However, there are still a lot of interesting items of food in the house, such as chocolates and cake so I think it might be a while before I manage to do so.

What else will the year contain, well one thing is for sure, there will be many trips to Addenbrookes Hospital with my husband. Maybe the house will be completed and I will have a kitchen once again.

On the first of January I usually look back over my journal for the previous year and give some figures about what I have posted during the year. When I first began blipping, someone said that my journal was boring and consisted of 90% flowers. Well this year it consisted of 20% of flower pictures, with 9% showing cats and 8% for birds. These figures seem quite low compared to other years so maybe my tagging system has gone wrong! This year I will also tag, ‘wild animals’ and ‘Cambridge’; if I remember!

On The Pond


Female Mallard and Ducklings

I am getting seriously behind here, so much for having more time now that I am not working! This is another back blip, I have two to do as well as one for today (Thursday).

I decided to take some before and after pictures of the borders before I started on them, for my blip. Then I saw this family on the pond and as they are the first ducklings that I have seen in my garden this year they had to be blipped.

I spent a long time soring out the front garden, plus two large brick containers as well as the front hanging baskets and window boxes. They are not perfect, but look better: I need to some more bedding plants so a good excuse to go to Scotsdales again.

It has been very hot and gardening has not done my bruises and back ache a lot of good! Bo is behaving himself, he is not normally walked long distances, but he is enjoying being taken round the garden morning and night (his garden is a decent size like mine, but I keep him on a long lead; he enjoys sniffing around the garden as well as running to catch his ball.

Great Weather



For ducks. Well what can you expect? It is Easter after all.

The weather was not too bad this morning, but by lunchtime it was raining, one cat stayed out and got very wet, while the other one came in and went to sleep in her bed.

I had not taken any pictures until late afternoon, so I had to go out in the rain. I took a few of wet flowers and the pond and then spotted a Lesser Celandine flower. As I was walking into the orchard to take a picture of it these Mallards obliged by running up the orchard from the pond to feed on the dropped nuts and seeds. Blip sorted.