Fish and Chip Jumper

Fish and Chip Jumper 1

As it was a Bank holiday in the United Kingdom, we watched a film during the morning. After lunch our friend Ralph visited and he and my husband had a good catch up. Both are Engineers, so the conversation revolved around engineering, cars and various other related topics. As Ralph prepared to leave my husband managed to hobble outside to look at his new Mercedes.

I spent much of the day knitting this jumper in multi coloured wool. It is knitted in one piece so very few seams to sew together. Why is it called a fish and chip jumper you might ask? Often in some of the poorer parts of the world, after babies are born, they are wrapped in newspaper, as no clothing is available for them. For those who do not know, many years ago, if you purchased fish and chips from a fish and chip shop, after being wrapped in white paper they were then wrapped in newspaper. Someone designed this jumper, which could be produced in an evening or two. This one still needs it sleeve and side seams sewing together, but my arthritic hands insisted I leave that until tomorrow. I have already knitted the hat and blanket to go with this jumper.