Orange Broome

Orange Broome

The day started with me taking my husband to the surgery for his monthly blood tests; a lengthy and sometimes difficult procedure with him not allowed to put weight on his leg. Then home to deal with student’s tutorials.

I took today’s picture between the dew rain showers we have had today. It is of the flowers on one of our orange Broome shrubs.

When walking around the garden I noticed we have frogspawn in the small wildlife pond. I thought there was some the other day, but was not certain until today. This is the first year, since I created this pond that it has appeared.

Red Apple Blossom

Red BlossomToday the frost was heavier than yesterday, but soon cleared to give a bright and sunny, if a little windy, day. I spent the morning and much of the afternoon trying to catch up with everything, not very successfully!

Yesterday while I was out, the physiotherapy department at Addenbrookes Hospital telephoned my husband to say that they were not aware that he had gone home. He should have been given an exercise machine to take with him when discharged. It arrived today by courier and it is good that we did not have it to take home. It would not have gone in my car and even if it had I could not have lifted it out. I sometimes wonder whether these people live in the real world. It arrived in a large metal box, which once dumped in the hall by the driver, I could not lift. I managed to get a large bath mat underneath it and drag it to a position where I could unpack it. Now where do I store a large metal box until the machine is returned!

At the time he was discharged it was all done so quickly that half of his discharge papers were missing and we did not know when the staples had to be removed from his knee. I telephoned the ward this morning and they need to come out tomorrow. At this late stage an appointment for tomorrow was out of the question, so we have to go to the surgery at 1120 hours tomorrow and wait until they are able to see us.

My picture today is the blossom on our young red apple tree, which still has its protective wire cage round it to prevent damage by deer and rabbits.

Spring Flowers


I did various jobs during the morning including sorting out my emails. I also made several telephone calls, some relating to when my husband can come home. He is not mobile enough yet, but may be by the end of the week.

This afternoon I visited him and took this picture after I returned home. It is one of the brick bases at the front of the house; this one is at the Northern end, near the gates to the drive.

Greengage Blossom

Greengage Blossom

It has been sunny for much of the day, although the wind is quite cold. As my husband is going into hospital tomorrow, I decided that this was a day to be with him, rather than doing any work or household jobs.

Inspired by Ripitup’s success, I have dug out my 5:2 Fast Diet book in order to try and lose my last few kilos. So as I am not allowed to knit have been reading this book again.

Today’s picture is of some of the Greengage blossom on one of our trees. The extra below is Dougal and Florence in the deliberately left wild part of our garden, waiting together in the hope that an unsuspecting animal will appear so that they can hunt it down together.


My Husband and the Mallard

As my husband is having his left-knee replaced on Thursday we decided that a day out in Cambridge would be a good idea, especially as he will be incapacitated for a while. Today’s picture is of him taking a picture of one of the colleges. I have also included an extra, which I particularly liked.

We started with breakfast in Harriet’s Tea Rooms, followed by a walk around the town, by the river and along The Backs. We stopped for coffee and cake at the University Centre, before coming home.

The weather forecast said it would rain, but although it was overcast it did not rain until we arrived home at about 1600 hours.

Rather Late

It has been a lovely sunny day and I saw my first English ladybird, but it was in such a difficult position that I could not get a very good picture so it has been included as an extra. The main picture is of a lone Snowdrop, which rather belatedly, has just flowered in one of our tubs.

A trip to Homebase in Bishop’s Stortford this morning as I am still trying to sort out the problems with the kitchen that we have already paid for; not a very successful trip. Then home to do some proper work and prepare a document of the saga of the kitchen problems at Homebase.