Small Fox


A lazy day doing what Sunday is for; cooking roast lamb, as it is Easter and doing very little else.

This small fox was relaxing in the top part of our garden and this picture was taken through the window. It saw Dougal waiting to go out and very quickly disappeared, so not much change to get a better picture. I think we have at least three foxes who visit our garden, this small one, a very large male, which I saw last week and a normal sized one; daddy, mummy and baby maybe?



I was getting my coffee, just before I was due to go online for a Staff Development Event when I saw today’s picture down by the pond. It was a case of grab a camera and take a picture through the window. I was lucky that it was standing by the pond and that I could see it between the top of our wall and our apple tree. It left the garden just seconds after this picture was taken.

I am not sure if it is the smaller of the two foxes we saw quite often last year, but this one has a bad leg, the same leg as the fox I blipped on 6 July 2014. If it is not, then someone is still setting traps to catch the animals. I have not seen Hoppy this year and fear that he is no more. We heard a lot of shotgun noise just before Christmas and suspect that someone was shooting them on the marsh. I have seen one female Reeves Muntjac in the garden this year; there was another one, on the grass verge, just at the top of our lane when I drove home from Addenbrookes the other night. It was not possible to see in the dark and my headlights whether it was a male or a female.

There was a very sharp frost again this morning and although the sun has been shinning the frost is still visible in some of the more shady parts of our garden; it is also very cold outside.

Vegetarian Fox?

This morning I was house sitting for my daughter from 1000 hours until 1200 hours so that a workman could measure her patio door for new glass which will take a larger cat flap; Sybil is rather large and cannot easily get in and out. Fortunately I was early and so was he; I was home again by 1000 hours.

We then went into Bishop’s Stortford to get some more window blinds. We thought we had enough, but the builder did not make some of the windows the same size as the others; we purchased three and we have had to order another one. While we were out we had lunch in the South Street Pantry.

Once home I walked around the garden taking pictures, but once inside again, this fox appeared in the garden, grabbed an apple and departed. Today’s first picture was taken as he grabbed the apple and ran, the second picture was taken immediately after the first and shows him running for cover. As usual this was taken through the kitchen window while he was on the far side of the orchard.

After looking at the picture in a larger size, it looks more like a pear than an apple in his mouth.

Small Fox

I went to Saffron Walden this morning with my daughter, but not to have my nails done as they are still recovering.

It threatened rain all day, but not much fell during the day, which was overcast.

I took a variety of pictures, but decided on this one, of the smaller of our two foxes, (it does not yet have a name,) which visited late in the evening, as it was getting dark. It kept looking at the Squirrel feeder, so I suspect it was looking for food; shortly after I took this a helicopter flew over and frightened it. My extra picture, also taken quite late in the evening, which I was going to use, is of a Reeves Muntjac and a Rabbit happily eating supper together.



Today’s picture is not particularly good, it was taken through the kitchen window, which was starting to steam up; she arrived as I was cooking dinner. Well we think it is a Vixen and due to her poor condition I am wondering if she has cubs close by, as this year she visits at some point most days.

Many thanks for all your kind words yesterday when Bo was lost and found. My bruises are a very pretty colour, but do not hurt, my back is slightly better too.