Avocado, Brie and Cranberry


It has been quite cold and windy, but there has been some sunshine; the rain that was forecast appears to have passed us by.

We went to Bishop’s Stortford this morning, which was the first proper outing, other than visiting the GP Surgery, for my husband since his recent operation. We started in Cafe Thyme where we had breakfast, which is my picture today. We pottered about getting some odds and ends and then before coming home we visited Café Thyme for cake and coffee.



This morning I went into Cambridge and as the picture shows I had breakfast in Harriet’s Tea Rooms. I had a wander around Cambridge, but did not purchase anything; then I went to Addenbrookes.

When I rang early this morning they told me that as expected he had been moved overnight to a ward for those who do not need as much attention. They also said they were arranging his discharge papers so he could come home later today. When I arrived at 1300 hours he was still waiting for his papers. The surgeon arrived shortly after I did and was pleased with his progress; she will see him in Outpatients in due course.

It has been sunny, but with a chill wind.

Bacon and Avocado Sandwich


After the Ocado lorry had been we went into Bishops Stortford for some odds and ends that are not available from the supermarket. We had breakfast in Café Thyme where today’s picture was taken of my Bacon and Avocado sandwich. We did some shopping and stopped for coffee before coming home in Waterstones café. On the way home we stopped for more coffee at our daughter’s home.

It was very frosty this morning, again about minus six degrees Celsius, but then the sun shone although the frost remained all day in the parts of the garden that remain in the shade.

Gluten-free Breakfast


This morning we went into Cambridge for breakfast at Bills in Green Street and today’s picture shows my breakfast with my husband’s in the background. Unfortunately they got several things wrong today, including my husband’s coffee in a glass, which cracked at the table. White bread instead of brown for my husband and fried eggs instead of scrambled. I sent mine back, but the scrambled egg was very slopping and the bacon underdone. However, they gave us two extra coffees free and only charged for one breakfast. A different chef was being trained ready for Christmas and clearly was not up to standard.

We then went to the Hotter shop as I wanted a pair of black shoes. I bought two different pairs as they were buy one, get one-half price. I also saw a lovely handbag and leather gloves, but did not buy those today. We then had coffee in Starbucks, before going to Addenbrookes this afternoon for an informal group session where they discussed what patients waiting for knee surgery are expected to do. This involves making sure that patients are controlling their weight and doing some simple exercises. They also explained what happens once in hospital and showed us one of the knee replacements.

Breakfast – Gluten-free Crumpets

The weather did not know whether to rain or shine, so we decided to go to Bishop’s Stortford. It rained on the way there, but for most of the time it was dry and sunny. We went to the South Street Pantry for breakfast and today’s picture is of my gluten-free crumpets, with berries and golden syrup. My husband had a bacon sandwich. We purchased some items and then went into Waterstones café for coffee and in his case, a slice of Earl Grey Fruit Tea Loaf.

My wrist is still bandaged, but it is not causing any problems and does not hurt at all. The thumb on my left-hand is no longer numb therefore the pressure has been taken off of the nerve.

Gluten-free Lunch

lunchI was working this morning when my daughter rang to ask if I wanted to go out for lunch; she works from home on Friday. Fortunately I had not taken the fish out of the freezer or turned on the oven. She had heard about ‘Nellies’, on FaceBook, a small café nearby, so I left my husband downloading updates on his computer and went out for lunch.

The café is on the way to Saffron Walden and next to ‘Wendy’s’ shop. Apparently it is called Nellies after a horse in a 1965 comedy film staring Norman Wisdom, not that I would ever have seen it.

Today’s picture is my lunch, a gluten-free cheese sandwich, with pickles, salad and crisps; the coffee was good too. I had almost finished one sandwich before I remembered to take a picture. As it was raining I was going to take an indoor picture, which featured cacti, but that can wait for another day.

On returning home I cooked my husband’s lunch and got back to work.

Breakfast and Cake


As today looked as though it would be a nice day we went into Bishop’s Stortford early for breakfast. We went to The South Street Pantry and I had a full English breakfast, exactly the same as everyone else although my sausage was also gluten-free, not something I usually get with my breakfast. Later during the morning I had a gluten-free raspberry and coconut slice in Waterstones. You may think we eat out a lot; I am making up for lost time! During the first forty years of my life it was not something I was able to do. After doing a little shopping, we came home. The sun shone until late afternoon when it clouded over and threatened rain.

Today’s picture shows the breakfast and I think this is the best gluten-free breakfast that I have had in many years. Also, below is a picture of the Raspberry and Coconut slice and coffee.